The number 10 surrounded by confetti and The Headhunters logo

August 2019 marks The Headhunters’ 10th anniversary!

Over the past decade, we have focused on matching high performing job seekers with employers of choice. We also strive to provide valuable expertise and resources to help guide job seekers on your job search, and to help employers drive business growth and create healthy work cultures.

In celebration of this milestone, we’ve compiled 10 of our top resources for employers and 10 for job seekers:

For Employers:

  1. 9 recruitment mistakes made by hiring managers (article)
  2. 6 questions to ask when selecting a recruitment agency (article)
  3. Diversity & inclusion in the workplace (webinar recording, presented by Nicole McCabe)
  4. Rejecting candidates without hurting your employer brand (article)
  5. 10 things to offer ‘the one’ when you can’t move on salary (article)
  6. 4 things you can do to help manage parental leave (article)
  7. How to terminate employees: the do’s and dont’s (webinar recording, presented by Howie Outerbridge)
  8. How to gather feedback from an exiting employee (article)
  9. 5 ways to build leadership presence (webinar recording, presented by Lisa Martin)
  10. How to recruit in rural areas (article)

For Job Seekers:

  1. Make your resume sizzle & interview like a pro (webinar recording)
  2. A guide to video interviews (article)
  3. How to ace behavioural interviews (webinar recording)
  4. Salary negotiations – knowing your value and getting to a win-win (webinar recording)
  5. Optimize LinkedIn to build your personal brand (webinar recording)
  6. Five answers to ‘What would you like to improve about yourself?’ (article)
  7. How to recover from a bad interview (article)
  8. Resume writing: old school vs. new school (article)
  9. Creating a portfolio to stand out in your job search (article)
  10. Why you shouldn’t ghost a recruiter (article)

Thank you for being a part of the past ten years—we look forward to many more years of helping build successful teams and careers!