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Barry Milne

CPA, CGA, Vice President
Recruiting Specialty: Accounting & Finance

: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Drawing on over a decade of senior recruitment experience, Barry specializes in the recruitment of accounting and finance professionals. His passion to stay on the cutting edge of business development leads him to exceptional candidates who drive his clients’ organizations toward new heights. A professional accountant with more than 20 years in senior leadership positions, Barry knows exactly who his clients need to build strong teams.

Barry really identifies with his candidates, having worked at or hired for the positions they seek in both public and private companies. He purposefully places candidates in positions where they are bound to succeed. Frequently, satisfied candidates refer others to Barry because of the rewarding experience they had with him.

Barry is a designated finance professional with his CPA, CGA certification in Manitoba, a testament to the wide range of his professional skills and knowledge. He is a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, and has served on the boards and audit committees of a number of public and private companies. In his free time, Barry enjoys adventure travel with his family, mountain hiking, stand-up paddling, great food and wine with friends and watching a good movie.