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As Recruitment Consultants, we partner with organizations who trust us to find them the best people to reach their goals. We also get to work closely with candidates, opening doors to exciting new opportunities and guiding them through their career. If you love talking to people, building relationships and being a connector in the business community, then recruitment might just be the career for you!

If you’re interested in a role within The Headhunters, please email your resume and cover letter to

If you’re looking to apply for open jobs with the other employers we represent, please Search for Jobs and apply online to the position(s) you are interested in.


Want the best of both worlds? Work from home + get all of the perks of working under The Headhunters banner.

We have fully staffed offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg, but our flexible model provides opportunities for employees to work remotely from virtually anywhere!

This model gives Recruitment Consultants much of the flexibility and independence that comes from self-employment, but with full behind-the-scenes support. Recruitment Consultant get to focus on growing their business while our administrative team takes care of talent sourcing, branding, marketing, invoicing, payroll, IT support and more.

We support staff to:

  • Work completely remotely—we currently have remote staff based in Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Regina, Estevan and Toronto
  • Work within one of our branches, with the option to work from home when desired


We believe in the importance of celebrating success! Every time one of our Recruitment Consultants makes a placement in any of our branches, we bang the drum to mark the occasion. Each time we drum, it symbolizes the lives we change and the new journey beginning for the candidate we’ve placed and their new employer!

8 reasons to join our team:

  • 1. World-Class Training Program
    All our Recruitment Consultants undergo an intensive training program developed by our leadership team. Your manager will work closely with you to support your initial training and continued professional development, providing support mentorship, and tools for success.
  • 2. Fun, Collaborative Culture
    Our internal culture is of utmost importance. We support each other to reach professional and personal goals, celebrating all the little wins along the way. No matter which role you play within the organization, we want to help you on your career path.
  • 3. High Performance Team
    We are a team of driven and achievement-focused individuals. As a team, you’ll work together to source quality solutions for your clients. The competition is always external, never internal.
  • 4. Open, Transparent Communication
    In our open concept offices we share our networks and opportunities so that we can leverage each other’s strengths as much as possible. Management communication is always as transparent as possible.
  • 5. Values-Based Organization
    We are a values-based business that centers around our four pillars of family, health, giving and ethical.
  • 6. Flexibility & Work-Life Balance
    We recognize that people have lives outside of work, and we support our employees in finding balance that works for them. We offer options that allow for flexible schedules and for members of our team to work remotely where appropriate.
  • 7. Continuous Learning Environment
    We believe in providing a supportive and continuous learning environment that focuses on accountability to achieve both business and personal success. We share our best practices with each other and believe in a culture of coaching.
  • 8. Financially Rewarding
    We offer competitive and comprehensive compensation and benefits package. Recruitment is a very rewarding career for those who are driven to be the best!