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Working with a Recruiter

Video Tip: Working with a Recruiter

Recruiters have access to roles with employers that sometimes never make it onto job boards. We call this the “hidden job market” and it’s one of the many benefits of working with a recruiter. A skilled recruiter can also provide job search advice, resume and interview tips, and more!

Resumes & Cover Letters

Your resume is the dynamite in your job search toolkit. Its sole purpose is to sell you to a prospective employer and convince them to bring you to the next stage of the hiring process, supported by your cover letter. Here are our tips for writing effective resumes and cover letters:

Video Tip: Resume Formatting

Video Tip: Making Your Resume Stand Out

Webinar Recording: How to Make Your Resume Sizzle & How to Interview Like a Pro

Looking for an easy way to create a professional resume or online portfolio?



Face-to-face interviews are a major step in the hiring process, and one that strikes fear in the hearts of many a job seeker. But fear not! After many years of conducting literally thousands of interviews, we’ve collected our top tips on how to ace them:

Video Tip: Preparing for an Interview

Video Tip: Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Video Tip: Video Interviews (Skype, Facetime, etc.)

Video Tip: Behavioural Interviews

Webinar Recording: How to Ace Behavioural Interviews, presented by Angela Champ

Salary Negotiations

Once you’ve made it through the interview process and an employer is ready to hire you, your final step is to negotiate salary, benefits and other forms of compensation. Learn more about how to navigate this process:

Video Tip: Salary Negotiations

Webinar Recording: Salary Negotiations – Knowing Your Value and Getting to a Win-Win

Job & Culture Fit

People are usually looking for jobs that aren’t just the right match for their skillset, experience and education, but are also the right fit for your working style, values and goals. We use our Workstyle & Performance Profile to bring a scientific approach to assessing fit.

Video Tip: Job & Culture Fit

Webinar Recording: Leveraging Your Work Style for Job & Culture Fit, presented by Natalie Souresrafil

Social Media

Social media has become a key part of job hunting and hiring. It allows job seekers to learn more about potential employers and vice versa. In some cases, social media sites also offer their own online job boards (such as LinkedIn Jobs and Facebook Jobs). As a candidate, you should be mindful about what you post on social media (what impression are you leaving for a potential employer?) but you should also think of social media as a powerful tool to help in your job search.

Video Tip: Your Social Media Presence

Webinar Recording: How to Optimize LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand, presented by Dr. Howie Outerbridge

Elevator Pitches

Video Tip: Elevator Pitches

An elevator pitch or elevator speech is a concise and impactful description of who you are and what you offer. It’s called an elevator pitch because you should be able to deliver it in no more than 20 seconds, roughly the duration of an elevator ride with someone you’ve just met.

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