Our Team

Meet our team of specialized Recruitment Consultants and supporting staff.

Allison Ford

Business Consultant

Allison is passionate about bringing the right people together at the right time. She’s been a strategic “matchmaker” of some sort for her entire career and knows the power of a great team. Deeply connected to loyal clients after over 20 years in business, she is known for her strong relationships, positive reputation and service to the community.

A founding member of The Headhunters, Allison has taken on a variety of roles within the organization, including recruiting, marketing and leadership. She is also Vice President at TalentClick, one of our longest-standing partners. Allison currently acts as a Business Consultant for The Headhunters, providing astute guidance and thoughtful advice to our leadership team, drawing on her extensive background in strategy, recruitment, marketing, business development and partnership management.

Allison has a lifelong fascination with the study of people and culture, including a degree in sociology. She calls the North Shore home and enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle that includes yoga, hiking and travelling the world.