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Meet our team of specialized Recruitment Consultants and supporting staff.

Allison Ford

Vice President
Recruiting Specialty: Marketing & Communications

: Vancouver, British Columbia

Allison is one of the few senior recruitment consultants in Vancouver to specialize in marketing and communications. A well-networked "matchmaker," Allison is passionate about bringing the right people together at the right time. Having hired for her own growing businesses, she knows the power of a great team, and digs into both the technical needs and personalities required for success. Deeply connected to loyal clients and candidates after 20 years in business, Allison is known for her strong relationships, positive reputation and service to the community.

Allison is a great listener who introduces candidates to opportunities in the hidden job market that are in line with their career goals and dreams. In the process, she shares the inside scoop on companies’ cultures and visions. Allison's love of matchmaking is rooted in a degree in sociology and a lifelong fascination with the study of people and culture; but it's her background in marketing that sets her apart.

In short, Allison delivers quality results — the best candidates in the market.

Allison calls the North Shore home and enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle that includes yoga, hiking, and cheering on her three kids at sports fields everywhere.