Thoughts from Employers and Job Seekers

Our success is built on the success of our clients and candidates. Read about their experiences with The Headhunters here:

Danielle Bragge provided ongoing, thoughtful and encouraging guidance through my first experience with executive search. She never over stepped the professional boundary of informing and over-disclosing. It was an excellent experience from start to successful placement. Thank you.

Mavis Dixon, Vancouver Candidate

The team is awesome, and very professional. They updated me in each step, and let me know about the next ones. The team was really kind, helpful, especially helping me to avoid nervousness during the hiring process. I highly recommend The Headhunters Recruitment.

Emily Alves, Supply Chain Candidate

I had a great experience with Tracy [Proutt]. She’s a passionate professional that made the recruitment process easy. Tracy was very responsive and always available. I would highly recommend working with her!

Paul Kalicki, Material Manager Candidate

I have now dealt with The Headhunters on three occasions. Two involved a non-profit company and one a municipality. In every case they were effective. Specifically, the engagement process was clear-cut and efficient; their advice was useful; their work was accurate and timely; and the results in every case were good. I would recommend using The Headhunters for executive searches, and will if the occasion arises use them again.

Robert Poirier, Client in Manitoba

Tracy Proutt was by far the best recruiter I’ve worked with. When my previous employer went into receivership she was very compassionate and understanding as I had just lost my dream job. She was candid and personable during our discussions. She genuinely cared about my success in finding a new partnership with the right company that would provide me with stability and opportunities for professional development. I really appreciated her empathetic approach while I was in between employers for 3 months trying to find the right fit. I honestly won’t work with any other recruiter going forward unless obligated to by the company. If this is the caliber of all the recruiters at The Headhunters Recruitment, then I have no doubt this agency is at the top of their league.

Fayth Thomas, Candidate in Winnipeg

I was in a hiring process with Tania McMahon, Senior Recruitment Consultant & Head of Coaching at The Headhunters, the process was smooth, clear and great communication and follow up from Tania even after I started in the position. She was highly supportive over the process and great mediator. I got the job and I’m very happy with my new position as Marketing Manager.

Paola Pavez, Marketing Candidate in Ontario

I had the blessing to be reached out to by Patti Babyn. Since the beginning, Patti has been highly supportive, kind and very communicative. She kept me posted often and kept me engaged with the opportunity. I felt very comfortable with her. She is a fantastic recruiter with incredible warmth as a human being. Patti is highly recommended.

Carmen, Candidate in Winnipeg

I truly enjoyed working with Patti Babyn; she was very dedicated and ensured our company was given the best candidate! The recruitment process turnaround was very fast and we are happy to have Carmen on our team!

Natasha Mitton, Director of Human Resources

Overall I had a very positive experience with The Headhunters. Tracy Proutt worked as an excellent liaison and coach throughout the recruitment process, her communication was constant and thorough, and her evaluation of fit between the company and I was spot on! Her evaluation and notes of my skills and working style were expert level; I came away knowing myself and what I wanted from a position better because of it. Very happy with my new position, can’t give enough gold stars to Tracy; The Headhunters made the whole process very easy and provided me with enough information to make the right decision.

Charles, Engineering Candidate in Manitoba

The Headhunters is a great company. In my opinion, the best recruiters in the business. Their system for interviewing candidates and getting to know candidates is top notch. How much [the Recruitment Consultant] knew about me just from analyzing my answers to the Workstyle & Performance Profile questions was shocking to me because her analysis was just so accurate. The support I got through the recruitment process was incredible. I just finished my first week at my new job and I’m loving it. The Headhunters linked me to a company where I feel right at home.

Ade, I.T. Candidate in Regina

I am very excited to start my new job on Wednesday. Thanks to The Headhunters, especially to Kate Goddard, my recruitment consultant. She helped me a lot. She also gave me some great advice. I appreciate all her support and help during my first job search in Vancouver.

Kellen Zhao, Candidate in Vancouver

The Headhunters are the most expert recruiters I’ve ever met. From initial consultation through interviews, Dave Banns was professional and communicative throughout.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

I had the best experience with The Headhunters for my career developing journey. The whole team who have helped me with interviews and onboarding was beyond efficient, professional, and helpful. I am really grateful for The Headhunters, especially Tania McMahon, my Recruitment Consultant.

Spencer, Candidate in BC

Barry Milne kept me in loop every step of the way, helped prep on where I should improve and proved to be an ally to both parties during our negotiations. Barry’s style and knowledge of my background really helped me orient my thoughts into action.

Guy Yango, Candidate

Tania [McMahon] was super helpful and communicative. She made sure I was updated with every update on my application.

Vrutant, Candidate in Vancouver

It was a real pleasure dealing with Patti [Babyn]. I felt very cared for and she has helped me every step of the way to find this gem of a workplace.

Djoanna, Winnipeg Candidate

Barry [Milne] is a GEM. He listens, is persistent to ensure the ball keeps rolling so you don’t lose qualified candidates. Barry and The Headhunters have placed several great candidates at our company. A great experience working with The Headhunters team!

Chris, Employer in Winnipeg

Patti [Babyn] was absolutely amazing during the whole process!

Hayley, Candidate in Alberta

Tracy Proutt is an excellent recruiter consultant and a trusty person. She conducted my process to achieve a leadership position professionally and confidently. She always answered my questions quickly. I highly recommend the services of The Headhunters and especially Tracy!

Carlos Banda, Candidate in Manitoba

Well connected with the Saskatchewan and Prairie municipal workplace. Truly professional approach to recruiting. Very happy with the support and solutions.

Laurent M., Client in Saskatchewan

Patti Babyn was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is enthusiastic and you can tell she truly enjoys what she does.

Nicole Bouvier, HR & Labour Relations Candidate in Alberta

It has been a pleasure working with Danielle at The Headhunters. Each time we utilize her services we receive excellent candidates. I would highly recommend Danielle and her team at The Headhunters.

Barb, Client in British Columbia

I highly recommend them as they have great job openings. I applied for a software developer position for a Winnipeg-based client listed on their website and got the opportunity to interview with them. It went very well and I was offered the job that I always wanted.

I.T. Candidate in Winnipeg

I had a great experience with The Headhunters and I successfully got the offer. Danielle was my recruitment agent and provided spectacular and professional services. She shared the employer’s feedback so that I could correct my mistake prior to the 2nd interview.

Henry Lau, Candidate in the Greater Toronto Area

Tracy Proutt changed my life! I would have never thought of how my life could be so different when I answered her message on LinkedIn. But I’m going to an amazing company, with an amazing career and my life will be forever different. Tracy is one of the friendliest peeople I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. She made this regularly scary and difficult process a breeze and fun! Her passion for finding the right fit for a company amps you up! I 100% recommend using Tracy if you’re ever looking to recruit staff for your business.

Julian, Candidate in Winnipeg

I enjoyed working with Tracy Proutt. She is very insightful and provided a lot of helpful tips and information that helped me along the hiring process as an interviewee. Tracy is supportive and very approachable and truly wants to ensure she finds the right fit for you. I would highly recommend working with her!

Peggy Giang, Candidate in Winnipeg

Danielle Bragge at The Headhunters was great to work with! We had a tight turnaround and she was able to meet the deadline. She brought exceptional candidates to the table and we successfully hired one who will be amazing for our company.

Diana, Happy Client

Throughout the recruitment process, I had a great experience with The Headhunters. [The Recruitment Consultant] was consistently helpful, communicating with me in a timely fashion, and was really supportive every step of the way. And the workstyle assessment was really insightful.

Maureen, Happy Candidate

I had a great experience with Tracy Proutt from The Headhunters. Her approach was respectful, she was extremely transparent, informative and helpful. I felt supported and guided through the entire process. Highly recommend.

Juliana Coan, Candidate in Manitoba

I am very excited to start my new job thanks to Headhunters Recruitment. My hiring experience with them was incredible! Huge thanks to Georgia Harper and Diandra Tolton! I cannot thank them enough for all of their work and effort in securing me on a new career path. Their professionalism and communication throughout the recruitment process were gold tier. I was updated and supported every step of the way, and Georgia went above and beyond to not only prep me for my interviews, but she made herself available to provide meaningful advice when I needed it the most. The Headhunters Recruitment proves that it is possible to work both quickly, clearly, and professionally – and at the same time act with warmth and care. Would highly recommend anyone looking for a new career path to call them, and get exactly what you deserve.

Sonya Sokolova, Candidate in Vancouver

Amazingly professional services by Tracy Proutt and the team for my job arrangement in Canada. I would definitely recommend it.

Ahsan Saleem, Candidate in Winnipeg

We have been working with The Headhunters for over 10 years to get the best talent for our growing company. Tracy Proutt has been incredible to work with, especially during this tight labour market, always having the interests of our organization first. Tracy has enriched our company with the market’s top talent for the role she filled.

President, Winnipeg Manufacturing Company

I can recommend The Headhunters with confidence; from the beginning to the end the cooperation was perfect and without any problems. I would especially like to praise Linh Lieu, her advice and help with preparing for the job interview was priceless. Great contact and step-by-step explanation of the process.

Adriana, Accounting Candidate in Winnipeg

Dave Banns has been the most professional career partner I’ve ever worked with. He understands me as a professional and as a person.

Samson Tam, Director of Development in Vancouver

I had the opportunity to work with The Headhunters during the hiring process for a team of technical services engineers. I had the pleasure to work with Tracy Proutt. The search for the ideal candidates was not easy due to current market conditions and availability of resources in the engineering field, but Tracy was relentless in finding the right candidates [and] the search was successful. Tracy was key during the pre-selection [and] also assisted during brainstorms, providing her insights and previous experience in finding resources with similar requirements. I strongly recommend The Headhunters for recruitment services.

Rene Midence, Winnipeg Employer

From the initial contact, Tracy Proutt maintained a professional and organized approach that left me feeling taken care of and in good hands. She listened and found me a placement that fit my goals and plans for my future, while sharing her experience and values to create a portfolio that represented me at my best. Communication is paramount in recruitment, this is where I feel Tracy went beyond! Quick responses, meetings planned and prepared, bridging the communication between myself and the company, and support during those scary waiting periods after interviews. I can confidently say that no prior agent has met, nor exceeded my expectations like Tracy did. Thank you. If you are looking for professional placement from a company that puts YOU first, look no further than The Headhunters!

Robert Jones, Candidate in Winnipeg

Had a really amazing experience that presented me with an opportunity to change my life and career. Thank you to Tracy Proutt and her team for recognizing my talents and helping me to make new connections to continue with my professional development. Highly highly recommended!

Michelle Roy, Candidate in Manitoba

Tania McMahon is the most professional consultant I have ever worked with. I really appreciate her hard-working and professional advice during the process of seeking my first job in Vancouver. As a new immigrant just moved to Vancouver, I was quite confused about how to find a job in this city. Especially, when English is not my first language, finding a job in Vancouver looks like a daydream to me. However, everything changed when I sent a resume to Tania, she not only helped me to identify my career path and professional advantages, but also referred me to many companies in different industries. She also gave me so much encouragement and professional advice to help me face the challenges confidently. Now, I have started my new career in a fabulous company in Vancouver. I would like to express the appreciation from me and my family to Tania, you are amazing!

Leon, Happy Candidate in Vancouver

The Headhunters worked hard to find an ideal candidate for our recent recruitment of a challenging position to fill. Three months in and we’re very pleased with the hire and The Headhunters’ role in finding and hiring our candidate.

Brian Fergusson, Mayor of White City, Saskatchewan

Thorough, detailed and professional. The Headhunters Recruitment really puts in the effort to find the perfect fit for both their clients, and candidates. Tania McMahon has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend their services to everyone.

Liam, Candidate in Ontario

Barry Milne and The Headhunters ensured an amazing experience. Barry was always the consummate professional as he assessed my credentials during our initial screening interview; but more importantly, he recognized that I was on an extremely tight timeline to consider the opportunity. He quickly made some calls and within moments he arranged meetings with HR, the branch manager and vice president of the location I was interested in, and the managing director of the hiring company. Barry kept in touch the whole time to make sure the process kept moving forward. Barry, I’m eternally grateful.

Murs, Happy Candidate in Ontario

In the past I was always tentative about using a headhunting agency. However, my experience with The Headhunters has changed that. My first hire for an engineer worked out very well, so I used The Headhunters again when I needed to fill an administrator role, and they delivered a great candidate once again. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Happy Client in British Columbia

Good, solid service. Dave is a pro and works his requirements well, which is not easy when working across varying time zones and localities.

Jeremy, Talent Acquisition Manager

I look forward to working again with Barry at The Headhunters either as a candidate or hiring manager in any future search assignments. He builds lasting relationships and partnerships throughout every facet of his work.

Happy Candidate in Winnipeg

Barry is focused on getting results, but what seemed more important to him is that both the hiring manager and myself felt that we had a real exchange of information and that we were both comfortable with the decision to enter into an employment contract.

Happy Candidate in Winnipeg

I had a wonderful experience working with Linh, she was very knowledgeable about the industry, and she seemed very committed and dedicated to me and her job. By understanding my needs and wants in an organization, Linh made finding me a job hassle free. It was a very positive experience, and I always recommend The Headhunters whenever I have the chance!

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

You are thorough professionals. Patti, thank you for giving me this opportunity and assisting me in my job search… you are an awesome and amazing person.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Being from out of town Ann has been a huge help in finding me employment opportunities in Vancouver. I’ve been impressed with her commitment and communication from day one. I feel that she is very much in my corner for my work search, she’s extremely professional and I would definitely recommend her.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

The Headhunters has blown other recruitment agencies out of the water. [The recruiter I worked with] displayed professionalism, couth, and an exceptional understanding of our needs. All communication from email to face-to-face meetings has been timely, enthusiastic, and grammatically correct! We will not hesitate to work with The Headhunters again.

Happy Client, Retail Sector, Vancouver

Georgia Harper was exceptional! I was so impressed with her from the get-go; she made me feel very well informed and comfortable. I have since recommended her to all my friends and family, and I hope it will give her some new business. I’d like to thank Georgia for helping me out and will always look forward to working with her again.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Patti Babyn was so professional and personable and I really felt she had my best interests at heart throughout the process and beyond.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

One of the key highlights that really made this organization stand out is the assessment approach. It’s been a real pleasure to be a part of a very human process as opposed to the superficial “screening” standard that so many recruiters out there take in today’s employment market.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Working with The Headhunters has been an exceptional experience for me as a candidate. Understanding that a recruitment firm needs to serve its clients first and foremost, as they are who pay the fees, after all, it was even more satisfying and gratifying to see how well I was treated, respected and nurtured throughout the process as a candidate. The professionalism, clarity and symbiotic nature of The Headhunters’ approach to fitting clients with candidates was exemplary, and what impressed me the most in the process was the integrity with which it was done. Everyone I spoke with and worked with at the company was top notch, enthusiastic and helpful.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

The Headhunters was a happy accident. A friend referred me and it was an instant success. I appreciate the professionalism given to my situation of leaving a 18 year job and having never interviewed for other jobs in that 18 years. Cam understood my apprehension and kept things extremely confidential. Thank you to The Headhunters for helping me transition into a new company.

Happy Candidate

Cam knew the companies in my field that were hiring in Edmonton. I could not have asked for an easier transition into a more challenging, rewarding role.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Thank you for the support. It was truly a pleasure working with Cam Macmillan regarding this placement. If I have, or know someone who has a recruitment need, I will not hesitate to send them in your direction.

Jasmyn, Quality Officer

Working with Ann has been a real pleasure! From day-one I have been impressed by her professionalism and her eye for detail. There aren’t many Vancouver recruiters who can offer what Ann does!

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Even during the slow economic conditions, Barry knows how to steer the right candidates to the right managers resulting in successful matches because he gains a deep knowledge of the needs and capabilities of each party involved through his networking skills and ability to listen.

Happy Client in Winnipeg

Dave was excellent and constantly kept me in the loop. In addition, I reached out to Dave several times for his council, insight and to strategize with respect to interviews, etc. Also, what was really nice was that when I left him a message he always got back to me right away. He was great on many levels and I now understand fully why my boss reaches out to him.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

We have enjoyed a strong partnership. I must stress that our relationship is truly a partnership versus just a typical client-recruiter relationship. Cam Macmillan has worked hard to understand our business.

Happy Client

I have worked with Danielle for several years. She understands my needs, understands my management style, and as a result consistently provides good candidates.

Happy Client in Edmonton

I appreciate Danielle so much. She has placed me at my last three career moves and always makes me feel like she believes in me. She never limits me and always takes the time to listen to my needs. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Danielle‘s track record bears testimony to her expertise and success rate within the industry. Over the many years, Danielle has established a reputation for her exceptional people skills, service orientation and incredible closure rate.

Happy Client

Dave Banns always seems to unearth tier-one engineering talent and presents these candidates in a timely manner. Most recently Dave completed some difficult searches. I believe he is one of the top five engineering and technical recruiters in BC and I know he is a ‘go-to’ person for many industrial organizations. It is rare to find an engineering recruiter who can understand the technical requirements of a role and integrate it with the cultural of the organization. The Headhunters are extremely effective at what they do and should be near the top of the list for companies when selecting vendors.

General Manager in British Columbia

I would highly recommend Linh Lieu at The Headhunters Recruitment to anyone looking for work. She was extremely helpful, professional and assisted me in getting a really great opportunity. She helped to place me in a position that was a perfect fit for my skills and qualifications, with her assisting and supporting me through every step of the hiring journey. She touches base with me frequently. Her positive and friendly personality is great to work with.

Happy Candidate in Alberta

During my job hunt, I was reached out to by a number of recruiting agencies. The Headhunters were by far the best of these that I interacted with. They were incredibly professional and I felt went above and beyond as far as trying to find me a role that I was a good fit for. As far as how the job is going, I’m now several months in and it’s the best working experience I’ve ever had. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with The Headhunters and to now be working in my new position. I greatly appreciate all that The Headhunters has done to help me reach where I now am in life.

I.T. Candidate in Winnipeg

I had the best experience working with Tracy Proutt. She understood my goals and helped get me to where I am now! Would highly recommend working with her as it was an amazing experience! I am so happy with my new position and wouldn’t have been able to get here without the help and encouragement of Tracy! She was amazing and made this experience so easy to be able to find my dream job!

Marla Destefano, Winnipeg Candidate

Allison Ford is by far is the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with! While this was my first time using The Headhunters, I’ve lost count of the number of recruiters I’ve worked with in the past—enough to know that they’re not all cut from the same cloth. Allison was always friendly and prompt with communication. She was also transparent throughout the process while offering tips or advice for each step of the way. And when it came down to a competitive offer situation, I truly appreciated her support in determining the best fit for me, even though it meant possibly losing out on commission for her. In the end, I went with the role she recruited me for and her follow up check-in my first week on the job was a welcomed touch. I’ve already been sending referrals to Allison and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the rest of The Headhunters team if this is the standards they hold themselves to.

K.H., Marketing Candidate in Vancouver

Georgia took the time to get to know me and my interests. An opportunity was presented and she felt that I would be a good fit, using her judgment and analyzing my strengths based on my approach with people. The coaching, support and communication that came with the experience was excellent. I am very happy with my new career thanks to Georgia.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Patti Babyn was very professional with her approach and very transparent with the information that she provided about the candidates that she endorsed.

Happy Client in Edmonton

Patti Babyn was very professional and always gave me great pointers for all of my interviews. She was great to work with, I always felt that she was looking out for my best interest, not just filling a position, but finding the best fit for me as well as for the company she was working with. I’m now at a permanent role that she helped me find.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

My experience with Patti Babyn at The Headhunters was amazing. She was very personable and I really felt like she cared about me and my career goals. She provided excellent coaching and was a fantastic support for me. If I had any questions, she was always available. The service was top notch!

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Georgia really was able to get to know me and gain a better understanding of what I am looking for next in my career. I have had many conversations over the past year with many others, and would consider this one my favourite of them all.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

I gave Georgia Harper a rather challenging wishlist and I’m not sure how, but she has managed to secure me a placement that checks every single one of my boxes! I couldn’t be more excited to start my new job.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

I have always felt comfortable with The Headhunters staff. They are professional, honest and do not place people just to make a buck. This is my second placement through The Headhunters and both have been very positive experiences.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

My recruiting needs were met by positive, attentive, and supportive professionals who met all my needs from the start of the process through to the hiring phase.

Happy Client in Edmonton

My experience with Linh Lieu at The Headhunters, was wonderful. I really appreciated the fact that she took the time to sit down with me and asked me to list what I was looking for in a new employer. I expected a few of [the] criteria not to be met, but Linh found the perfect position and she checked off everything on my list! Linh found this position two weeks from the first day I met her… amazing! I appreciate that she worked fast, yet catered to my needs at the same time. Thank you, Linh, for all your help, I am very happy with my new position, and I am off to a great start.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Barry Milne is the true definition of a Recruitment Professional! He spent the time to gain a real understanding of my needs and preferences as a candidate, which was a critical component in making my employment placement a long term success.

Happy Candidate in Winnipeg

It is not often that an opportunity you get is greater than the job presented to you. Never in my career have I had a role that fit better or an organization whose values so closely reflect my own. I was able to hit the ground running and provided value (and learned from the job) within the first week.

Matt, Director Client Services

Dave Banns was very professional. The timing was exactly what we agreed and the feedback and understanding of our company’s needs was outstanding.

Karina, HR Manager

I wanted to thank you so much for your help with my job search. I secured a fabulous role… It’s exactly what I was looking for and I’m so excited to start! I have worked with a number of recruiters throughout my career, and your firm was easily the best. I have recommended The Headhunters to other companies who I know are looking for [employees].

Happy Candidate

The Headhunters was a happy accident. A friend referred me and it was an instant success. I appreciate the professionalism given to my situation of leaving an 18-year job and having never interviewed for other jobs in that 18 years. Cam Macmillan understood my apprehension and kept things extremely confidential. Thank you to The Headhunters for helping me transition into a new company.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

My job search with The Headhunters went flawlessly. The stress in trying to find a new job was eliminated.

Mark, Operations Manager

I just want to say that I have never been happier in my career. The job is great and the culture at [my new company] is second to none. I can’t thank you enough for your support in my career pursuit. This has been the best career decision I have made in my life.

Bruce, Operations Manager

This candidate is a great fit for our company! It was a difficult position to fill and we are so grateful that such a suitable candidate was found.

VP Human Resources, Energy Sector

I had a wonderful experience with The Headhunters. They are great people who are willing to help candidates find the right role that matches their skill set. They provide personal orientation before starting an interview process. Great people and great service.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

[The Headhunters] provide an extremely friendly, professional and caring service which I feel very lucky to have been party to. They were able to arrange the right opportunity while giving me invaluable guidance and advice with a personal touch. Thanks to them, I now have a great career in a fantastic company with a very prosperous future.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

I have worked with Danielle Bragge as a candidate and as a client. I have been very impressed with her professionalism, her work ethic and her dedication to getting the best outcome for everyone involved. She takes the time to understand the needs and personalities of both parties in order to make the right matches and to ensure the right fit. I recommend The Headhunters to candidates and to organizations alike.

Happy Candidate & Client

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danielle Bragge and The Headhunters over the past three years. I was introduced to Danielle through a trusted colleague. I quickly came to appreciate her dedicated approach and genuine interest in understanding our organization’s vision, values and culture to determine right-fitting candidates that met our recruitment needs. Thanks to the Headhunters, we have successfully staffed a number of key leadership positions at the Vice-President, Director, and Manager level. Danielle makes a point of staying in contact with her clients following the search and placement to ensure that the candidates are a good fit. I would highly recommend Danielle and The Headhunters to any organization looking to partner with a search firm that will secure the right talent to fill a critical position vacancy.

VP Human Resources, Legal Sector

Your recruitment process is so much more sophisticated than other agencies, I can imagine that your agency will change the way recruitment is done.

Happy Client

Linh really understood what I was looking for and did not try to put ‘close-but-not-quite the right person’ in front of me. She was willing to put her reputation on the line to convince me to look at a candidate. Her strong belief in her candidate showed me that she had given the position and the right fit a lot of thought.

Happy Client in Edmonton

Our candidate is clearly a super cultural fit, and I can already see his wheels turning around how he can implement more efficiencies within our purchasing and logistics process. I want to thank you for your diligence in ensuring that I interviewed him. People are really enjoying his energy, and as I said above, he immediately fit right in!

Happy Client in British Columbia

It has been a pleasure working with Georgia Harper. Two hires done in less than four months: what a success! Georgia really understands our company culture, and the candidates that she puts forward shows this.

Happy Client in Vancouver

I would like to thank you very much for the service The Headhunters provided [my company] in our search for an HR professional. Your follow up has been excellent and the candidates you presented were first class. You have also been very patient as our needs and scope evolved. I would definitely recommend The Headhunters to any employers.


Using The Headhunters for the first time was a fabulous experience for us. They took the time to meet and discuss with us in order to clearly understand our needs and the outcome was fantastic.


I have been extremely impressed with the outstanding service provided by The Headhunters. They will continue to be our recruiter of choice!

CEO in the Energy, Construction & Manufacturing Sector

The Headhunters has consistently demonstrated a commitment to understanding our business, and the specific needs we are attempting to address when recruiting. By making time to listen and appreciate our requirements, we were able to focus our combined energy and effort toward the search, which proved to be most effective.

HR Director

Professional. Highly communicative. Understanding of career goals and employer’s needs. The Headhunters have their hearts and heads in the game of helping professionals find fulfilling positions that suit their career objectives, and helping businesses find employees who suit their corporate culture…absolutely fabulous.

Happy Client

I utilized Barry Milne to find me a candidate in Winnipeg and he did an outstanding job. Three of [the candidates presented] were absolute slam dunks. But the one we hired was the best person I could have asked for. Probably the top candidate in the Winnipeg market. I really credit Barry’s ability to connect with [the candidate] as the reason we were able to secure a top performer.

Happy Client in Winnipeg

Of all recruiters I have dealt with, The Headhunters and Patti Babyn have by far outdone everyone else. They stay in touch with the candidate until they have found the right job; most recruiters go through the motions but do nothing more.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton