Thoughts from Employers and Job Seekers

Our success is built on the success of our clients and candidates. Read about their experiences with The Headhunters here:

Patti Babyn was very professional with her approach and very transparent with the information that she provided about the candidates that she endorsed.

Happy Client in Edmonton

Jacqueline Johns is a force to be reckoned with. Her professionalism and ability to match [candidates] to prospective employers is a talent in itself. I am so thrilled to be in my new role, which would not have been possible without Jacque. Thank you!

HR Candidate in Saskatchewan

Patti Babyn was very professional and always gave me great pointers for all of my interviews. She was great to work with, I always felt that she was looking out for my best interest, not just filling a position, but finding the best fit for me as well as for the company she was working with. I’m now at a permanent role that she helped me find.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

My experience with Patti Babyn at The Headhunters was amazing. She was very personable and I really felt like she cared about me and my career goals. She provided excellent coaching and was a fantastic support for me. If I had any questions, she was always available. The service was top notch!

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Georgia really was able to get to know me and gain a better understanding of what I am looking for next in my career. I have had many conversations over the past year with many others, and would consider this one my favourite of them all.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

I gave Georgia Harper a rather challenging wishlist and I’m not sure how, but she has managed to secure me a placement that checks every single one of my boxes! I couldn’t be more excited to start my new job.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

I have always felt comfortable with The Headhunters staff. They are professional, honest and do not place people just to make a buck. This is my second placement through The Headhunters and both have been very positive experiences.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

My recruiting needs were met by positive, attentive, and supportive professionals who met all my needs from the start of the process through to the hiring phase.

Happy Client in Edmonton

My experience with Linh Lieu at The Headhunters, was wonderful. I really appreciated the fact that she took the time to sit down with me and asked me to list what I was looking for in a new employer. I expected a few of [the] criteria not to be met, but Linh found the perfect position and she checked off everything on my list! Linh found this position two weeks from the first day I met her… amazing! I appreciate that she worked fast, yet catered to my needs at the same time. Thank you, Linh, for all your help, I am very happy with my new position, and I am off to a great start.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Barry Milne is the true definition of a Recruitment Professional! He spent the time to gain a real understanding of my needs and preferences as a candidate, which was a critical component in making my employment placement a long term success.

Happy Candidate in Winnipeg

It is not often that an opportunity you get is greater than the job presented to you. Never in my career have I had a role that fit better or an organization whose values so closely reflect my own. I was able to hit the ground running and provided value (and learned from the job) within the first week.

Matt, Director Client Services

Dave Banns was very professional. The timing was exactly what we agreed and the feedback and understanding of our company’s needs was outstanding.

Karina, HR Manager

I wanted to thank you so much for your help with my job search. I secured a fabulous role… It’s exactly what I was looking for and I’m so excited to start! I have worked with a number of recruiters throughout my career, and your firm was easily the best. I have recommended The Headhunters to other companies who I know are looking for [employees].

Happy Candidate

The Headhunters was a happy accident. A friend referred me and it was an instant success. I appreciate the professionalism given to my situation of leaving an 18-year job and having never interviewed for other jobs in that 18 years. Cam Macmillan understood my apprehension and kept things extremely confidential. Thank you to The Headhunters for helping me transition into a new company.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

My job search with The Headhunters went flawlessly. The stress in trying to find a new job was eliminated.

Mark, Operations Manager

I just want to say that I have never been happier in my career. The job is great and the culture at [my new company] is second to none. I can’t thank you enough for your support in my career pursuit. This has been the best career decision I have made in my life.

Bruce, Operations Manager

This candidate is a great fit for our company! It was a difficult position to fill and we are so grateful that such a suitable candidate was found.

VP Human Resources, Energy Sector

I had a wonderful experience with The Headhunters. They are great people who are willing to help candidates find the right role that matches their skill set. They provide personal orientation before starting an interview process. Great people and great service.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

[The Headhunters] provide an extremely friendly, professional and caring service which I feel very lucky to have been party to. They were able to arrange the right opportunity while giving me invaluable guidance and advice with a personal touch. Thanks to them, I now have a great career in a fantastic company with a very prosperous future.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

I have worked with Danielle Bragge as a candidate and as a client. I have been very impressed with her professionalism, her work ethic and her dedication to getting the best outcome for everyone involved. She takes the time to understand the needs and personalities of both parties in order to make the right matches and to ensure the right fit. I recommend The Headhunters to candidates and to organizations alike.

Happy Candidate & Client

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danielle Bragge and The Headhunters over the past three years. I was introduced to Danielle through a trusted colleague. I quickly came to appreciate her dedicated approach and genuine interest in understanding our organization’s vision, values and culture to determine right-fitting candidates that met our recruitment needs. Thanks to the Headhunters, we have successfully staffed a number of key leadership positions at the Vice-President, Director, and Manager level. Danielle makes a point of staying in contact with her clients following the search and placement to ensure that the candidates are a good fit. I would highly recommend Danielle and The Headhunters to any organization looking to partner with a search firm that will secure the right talent to fill a critical position vacancy.

VP Human Resources, Legal Sector

Your recruitment process is so much more sophisticated than other agencies, I can imagine that your agency will change the way recruitment is done.

Happy Client

Linh really understood what I was looking for and did not try to put ‘close-but-not-quite the right person’ in front of me. She was willing to put her reputation on the line to convince me to look at a candidate. Her strong belief in her candidate showed me that she had given the position and the right fit a lot of thought.

Happy Client in Edmonton

Our candidate is clearly a super cultural fit, and I can already see his wheels turning around how he can implement more efficiencies within our purchasing and logistics process. I want to thank you for your diligence in ensuring that I interviewed him. People are really enjoying his energy, and as I said above, he immediately fit right in!

Happy Client in British Columbia

It has been a pleasure working with Georgia Harper. Two hires done in less than four months: what a success! Georgia really understands our company culture, and the candidates that she puts forward shows this.

Happy Client in Vancouver

Dave Banns always seems to unearth tier-one engineering talent and presents these candidates in a timely manner. Most recently Dave completed some difficult searches. I believe he is one of the top five engineering and technical recruiters in BC and I know he is a ‘go-to’ person for many industrial organizations.

Happy Client in British Columbia

I would like to thank you very much for the service The Headhunters provided [my company] in our search for an HR professional. Your follow up has been excellent and the candidates you presented were first class. You have also been very patient as our needs and scope evolved. I would definitely recommend The Headhunters to any employers.


Using The Headhunters for the first time was a fabulous experience for us. They took the time to meet and discuss with us in order to clearly understand our needs and the outcome was fantastic.


I have been extremely impressed with the outstanding service provided by The Headhunters. They will continue to be our recruiter of choice!

CEO in the Energy, Construction & Manufacturing Sector

The Headhunters has consistently demonstrated a commitment to understanding our business, and the specific needs we are attempting to address when recruiting. By making time to listen and appreciate our requirements, we were able to focus our combined energy and effort toward the search, which proved to be most effective.

HR Director

Professional. Highly communicative. Understanding of career goals and employer’s needs. The Headhunters have their hearts and heads in the game of helping professionals find fulfilling positions that suit their career objectives, and helping businesses find employees who suit their corporate culture…absolutely fabulous.

Happy Client

I utilized Barry Milne to find me a candidate in Winnipeg and he did an outstanding job. Three of [the candidates presented] were absolute slam dunks. But the one we hired was the best person I could have asked for. Probably the top candidate in the Winnipeg market. I really credit Barry’s ability to connect with [the candidate] as the reason we were able to secure a top performer.

Happy Client in Winnipeg

Allison Ford and The Headhunters have successfully conducted two searches for my division. Both management positions had unique skill sets that were in short supply in the market. [They] provided stellar service, valuable insight into prospects throughout the recruitment process, and high-quality candidates which led to successful hires. I was impressed and would definitely work with them again.

Happy Client

We had a very good experience working with The Headhunters. Jacqueline Johns was very quick to respond to all inquiries and worked quickly to bring suitable candidates forward. She was very thorough and easy to work with while being professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend using them.

Rural Municipality of Mervin, Saskatchewan

Of all recruiters I have dealt with, The Headhunters and Patti Babyn have by far outdone everyone else. They stay in touch with the candidate until they have found the right job; most recruiters go through the motions but do nothing more.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

The entire team at The Headhunters were incredibly friendly and took the time to understand my needs, as a company and as a supervisor. The service was very tailored, and I didn’t feel like ‘just another client.’ Great relationships were built throughout the process which truly says something in that The Headhunters is unique in comparison to other recruitment firms.

Happy Client

The Headhunters’ internal process is amazing. I cannot believe how quick information seems to get to you and you act on it. That alone really makes a customer feel like they matter and what they want is important. Overall this has been a no-stress experience for me and did not consume a great deal of my time; and really that is the bottom line here. Time and no aggravation is what I bought from The Headhunters and they delivered.

Happy Client

How refreshing it was to see quality versus quantity. [The Headhunters] always seem to hit the mark and understand what we are looking for.

Happy Client

My experience with The Headhunters and Patti Babyn has been exceptional. The care and attention she put into my questions, needs and wants in a job placement were outstanding. Patti worked with me to reassure and put my mind at ease. She encouraged and put my fears to rest. We talked before and after every interview. I was totally impressed and so appreciative of the support she and The Headhunters provide. Patti continues to follow up with me while I’m at my current placement. I could not be happier with my experience with The Headhunters and Patti.

Happy Candidate in Edmonton

I appreciate all the assistance I have received from The Headhunters, especially from Cornelius Wong for all the mentoring and assistance.

Jincy, Happy Candidate in Toronto

Kathleen Kischer has been amazing working to work with. She is all about creating win/win opportunities for candidates and businesses. She took the time to really understand who I am personally and professionally. Knowing I have her and the team working on my employment makes this process much more comfortable. I would highly recommend working with her and the Head Hunters team if your looking to find the “right” fit in your career.

Colin, Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Allison Ford from the Headhunters is truly one of the most dedicated and professional recruiters that I’ve ever worked with. She took time out of her day to prep me for interviews in person and gave my candidacy a chance even when I didn’t check all the boxes. You are in great hands if you are a candidate working with Allison!

Emily, Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Exceptional experience with The Headhunters as a candidate and employer. Georgia Harper and her team are simply the best at what they do – integrity, authenticity and professionalism are the cornerstones to their success.

Paul Parolin, General Manager, J.B. Ellis & Co, Vancouver

Allison Ford went above and beyond in helping me during the recruitment phase. Communication was easy, friendly and professional. She was able to keep me at ease throughout the many rounds of interviews. Allison picked the ideal job for me and I am delighted to say I was offered and accepted the job through her helpful guidance. I would recommend The Headhunters without a doubt.

Bronagh, Happy Candidate in Vancouver

What a wonderful experience with The Headhunters finding my new employer. Their workstyle and performance test really helped highlight what I was looking for in my next employer.

Patrick, Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Out of all of the headhunters who’ve contacted me recently, The Headhunters Recruitment went above and beyond to ensure success. One of the ways they did this was through insightful questionnaires that let me write about my experience, goals, and unique skills. In my opinion, this is a vital step to ensuring alignment between companies and potential employees. Another plus was getting a video/visual chat with Allison Ford. This is so much better than a phone call because you get to truly present your “professional full-package.” After this, The Headhunters moved quickly and I was presented with an amazing offer from a global software company. Whether you’re a company or a job hunter, I highly recommend The Headhunters Recruitment for a supportive, prompt, and professional hiring process, from start to finish.

Regina, Happy Candidate in Vancouver

The Headhunters Recruitment truly has my highest recommendation. They are the warmest, most professional and extremely knowledgeable recruiters I have ever met and I have been with large notable recruitment firms from across the globe. They really take the initiative to go above and beyond constantly make sure both the employer and employee are well taken care of, all in pursuit of finding the right fit.

Cindy, Happy Candidate in Vancouver

Very professional company. Other agencies do not return emails or calls or help you prepare for the interview. The Headhunters did all of this. If you want to partner as a potential employer or employee, this is the company.

Glen, Happy Candidate in Winnipeg

Staff and recruiters at The Headhunters Recruitment are very professional and nice. Totally recommended.

Juan, Happy Candidate in Winnipeg

Positive & professional! My first experience was very positive. The recruiter took the time to ask questions to determine what I really wanted out of my next job. She always stayed in touch and presented me with an amazing opportunity. Her tips and suggestions were invaluable. I would gladly recommend her and the company to anyone who asks!

lana, Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Found an employer for me very quickly. Follow up was incredible!

Jason, Happy Candidate in Edmonton

Great recruiting company that does not treat you as a number, rather take the time to get to know you and your personality.

Luciano, Happy Candidate in Edmonton

I have been placed for temporary and permanent roles with The Headhunters throughout the last 5 years. They have always been professional and patient in ensuring they pair the right client to candidates. I would highly recommend them because they are experts in their field while staying honest and open with their candidates. Excellent experiences each time!

Jessica, Happy Candidate in Edmonton

The Headhunters group has multiple offices in Canada and caters to a wide range of positions- office, professionals, manufacturing, functional experts, etc. I have had the opportunity to work very closely with them during my tenure as the HR Director at Roquette. The recruiters are sharp, on the ball and very efficient in getting talent in a tight labour market- whether it was the ‘hard to fill’ positions or the common ones, I always had a range of good candidates from across Canada to interview and select. Their psychometric tests helped me understand the personality of the candidates and assess possible fit. The firm was instrumental in filling 20plus roles. I knew I could trust them in finding the right people with the skill set that I was looking for. I would highly recommend them for your staffing needs.

Anu Baldner, HR Director, Roquette Canada, Winnipeg

I am very pleased [with] the whole hiring process. Barry [Milne] was great! Very professional, and kept communication to the highest standard. I will definitely choose [The] Headhunters for my future job searches.

Anna, Happy Candidate in Winnipeg

Working with The Headhunters to find my new employer was the most uplifting experience of my professional life. The recruiting team was efficient, supportive and helpful right through the process from application through onboarding. I would highly recommend both employers looking to find the best candidate and job seekers to work with this firm. Truly a wonderful company who still understands the human perspective.

Jocelyn Whaley, Chief Administrative Officer, Rural Municipality of Riding Mountain West

The attention to our needs was prompt, efficient, and a strong level of understanding was evident from the start. Timescales were met efficiently and communication was strong. Candidate choice was good, and in fact we elected to hire two candidates instead of one.

Business Owner

The relationship my recruiter and I have built over time has led to a smooth recruitment, and an excellent addition to our team. By taking the time to get to know about our business, the culture we are building and the exact skill-set of the individual we were seeking, my recruiter was able to target the ideal candidate and encourage him to consider a change. We are very pleased.

Morgan, HR Professional

Allison Ford and The Headhunters have successfully conducted two searches for my division. Both management positions had unique skill sets that were in short supply in the market. The Headhunters left no stone unturned in looking for the best possible candidates and provided objective and incisive advice throughout the search process.

Marsha, Vice President

I had an exceptional experience with The Headhunters as a candidate and as an employer. The team is simply the best at what they do— integrity, authenticity and professionalism are the cornerstones to their success.

General Manager

I could not ask for more in my experience with The Headhunters. They called me within a few days of my resume submittal, interviewed me within a few more days, and had an interview set up with the interested company a few days after that. In all, I received a good job offer within two weeks of submitting my resume. I hope I do not have to use a recruitment agency again, but if I do, I will definitely contact The Headhunters. Well done!

Happy Candidate

Your recruitment process is so much more sophisticated than other agencies, I can imagine that your agency will change the way recruitment is done.

Happy Candidate

Professional. Highly Communicative. Understanding of career goals and employer’s needs. The Headhunters have their hearts and heads in the game of helping professionals find fulfilling positions that suit their career objectives, and helping businesses find employees who suit their corporate culture…absolutely fabulous.

Happy Candidate

Thank you for all of your help and assistance with finding the ‘right fit’ position for me. From the first meeting to my first day of work I have thoroughly enjoyed the quick placements process with you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Happy Candidate

I can’t recommend Headhunters enough! The Recruitment Consultant aligned my personality, experience, aptitude and preferences with job opportunities, resulting in me signing the dotted line for my dream role. They encouraged me throughout the entire process while also offering constructive tips and tricks, a directness that I feel is missing in most other recruiting firms.

Happy Candidate

The Headhunters were extremely helpful, quick and found me exactly what I was looking for in my new career. They helped with the whole process from my resume to the interview and I am extremely grateful for their help. I would definitely recommend them if you want to find that right fit in your next career.

Happy Candidate