Why Work with Us

We Find the Talent That No One Else Can.

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Finding the right fit

Predicting workplace behaviour & performance with assessments

Our Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP) is a validated assessment tool that helps take the guesswork out of finding fit. We partner with a leading provider of pre-employment assessments to help us create ideal matches between top talent and employers of choice. We use the WPP because it works.


We’re called “The Headhunters” for a reason.

We don’t rely on job boards to find the best talent on the market. When you partner with us, not only do you have our Recruitment Consultants working for you, you also have our Talent Sourcing Team working in the background, dedicated to uncovering untapped talent.

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We are specialists

Our Recruitment Consultants focus on a specialty area or geographic region. Their deep knowledge and networks allow them to truly understand the roles and challenges in your field.

We are consultants

We are not just ‘role fillers,’ we are strategic consultants. We build meaningful relationships, educate employers & job seekers, and set you up for success today and in the future.

We provide high-touch service

We discover an employer’s needs and then source, assess and personally interview top quality candidates. We proactively communicate throughout the process and follow up well after a placement is made.

We are global & local

Our recruiters draw from a global talent pool to find the best candidates. We’re also engaged in our local markets, able to bring you valuable insights relevant to your unique business landscape.
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