Danielle Bragge, our Vice President and Co-Founder, was recently interviewed for a Workopolis article on how to recruit in rural areas. The Headhunters has extensive experience in rural recruitment, helping companies source top candidates in communities where the talent pool is smaller.

In this article, Danielle discusses six ways to successfully recruit in rural areas:

  1. Look further… and deeper
  2. Revise your wishlist
  3. Know what the candidate is looking for
  4. Sell yourself
  5. Be supportive – and flexible
  6. Always be looking

Read the full article for more details on each of these points. And of course, “When you really can’t find the talent and you’ve exhausted every avenue that you possibly can, that’s when it’s time to reach out to an agency!”


About Danielle Bragge

With over 25 years of recruiting experience and considerable knowledge, Danielle shares her expertise to help clients attract and retain top talent. As partner and Co-Founder of The Headhunters, she understands how hiring top talent translates to long-term business growth. Contact Danielle at dbragge@theheadhunters.ca.