About Us

We Are Building Businesses and Boosting Careers

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We do recruitment differently.

We started The Headhunters because we wanted to set a new standard in recruitment by genuinely respecting the people we partner with.

Our founders all had previous recruitment experience at other reputable firms before they joined forces to do recruitment differently.

We are a values-based organization with a social conscience and heart and are committed to respect and integrity within our organization and in the marketplace.


Founded in 2009, The Headhunters Recruitment LP is a leading recruitment firm serving North America. We’re called “The Headhunters” for a reason—we find the talent that no one else can, uncovering top candidates through dedicated headhunting and sourcing. With a focus on finding the right fit, we help our clients grow their businesses by building successful teams.

Our primary areas of focus are: accounting & finance, general management, office personnel, human resources, sales & marketing, customer service, operations & supply chain, engineering, and IT.



We value the importance of the physical, mental and emotional health of our team. We support the pursuit of activities that enhance the well-being of our team members.


We value our blessings and to show our gratitude we give back. We donate our time and resources to helping people and organizations that need support.


We value our families and friends. We know that connecting with others and spending time with loved ones is essential to living a happy life.


We value our partnerships and the opportunity that we have to work with others to improve their businesses and careers.


When you partner with The Headhunters in Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg and throughout Canada, your search is spearheaded by experienced and well-networked Recruitment Consultants.