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The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Dr. Howie Outerbridge on How to Terminate Employees

Conducting a termination meeting can be difficult for everyone, not just the employee receiving the news. However, with the right planning and preparation, termination meetings can run smoothly and leave both sides of the table in the best possible place. Join us as we hear from Dr. Howie Outerbridge, VP Client Solutions at Logan HR, on how to plan a termination meeting, including concrete suggestions on timing, messaging and logistical do’s and don’ts.

Watch the webinar recording to hear Howie discuss:

  • Important objectives for the employer, the departing employee and the remaining employees
  • Planning, logistics and security considerations
  • Sample scripts and scenarios
  • 6 common employee reactions and how to deal with each
  • When and why an outside career transition consultant can be an helpful resource.


“Most companies do a good job of treating people well when they’re hired. The truly excellent companies also do a great job when it’s time to part ways.”
– Dr. Howie Outerbridge

Dr. Outerbridge’s background includes over 15 years of experience in learning, career exploration and the development of people in a variety of settings including private industry, community-based career centres and post-secondary institutions. These experiences help him work with organizations to consult on a range of topics including career management, downsizing and leadership solutions. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Kinesiology), a Master’s Degree in Education (Counselling Psychology), recently completed his Doctorate in Education at Simon Fraser University and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor. During his career in human capital consulting, he has helped plan and conduct hundreds of termination meetings.

Watch the webinar recording: