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In today’s competitive job market, having a polished resume is essential to catch the attention of recruiters and potential employers. Fortunately, there are a plethora of tools available to help you create an impressive resume, tailored to your unique skills and experiences.

1. The Tried and True

For many job seekers, Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Pages (Apple) are reliable go-to options for resume creation. These familiar tools offer basic templates and formatting options, making it easy to create a simple yet professional-looking resume. With features like spell check and customizable layouts, they provide a quick and easy way to craft an effective resume and cover letter.

2. Online Resume Builders

If you’re looking to step up your resume game, online resume builders offer a range of sleek templates and customization options. These platforms often come equipped with features such as pre-written content suggestions, interactive elements and the ability to easily export your resume to PDF or other formats. In recent years, many of these platforms have also started integrating artificial intelligence (AI).

Visual CV

Visual CV offers tools for candidates to easily create a professional resume or online portfolio. Based in Vancouver, Canada, their mission is to empower job seekers to accomplish their career goals. They have a variety of resume templates and samples, as well as an AI-powered resume builder. Many features are free, with options to upgrade to additional paid services.

Teal’s AI Resume Builder

Teal is a career growth platform providing a variety of resources and tools, including the Teal Resume Builder. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, it helps job seekers quickly create, edit and optimize resumes.


In addition to being a job board, Indeed offers resources for job seekers, including the Indeed online resume builder. Choose from a variety of professional resume templates, edit and customize it in your browser and download a copy for free.

Other Resume Builders

There are a many other resume builders out there, offering a variety of different features and user experiences. You may wish to explore Zety, Resume Genius, Kickresume, Novoresume, EnhanCV, Jobscan, Resume Worded or Rezior. An online search for “AI resume builder” or “online resume builder” can introduce you to new options as they continue to emerge.

3. Leveraging Generative AI

Generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini and Microsoft’s Copilot can provide feedback and suggestions as you draft your resume. Ask your favourite generative AI tool to  help with tasks like:

    • Write impactful statements about your experience, skills, education and achievements
    • Analyze job descriptions and come up with keywords to include in your resume
    • Review grammar, spelling and sentence structure
    • Offer formatting tips
    • Provide industry trends and insights

Be sure to carefully review and refine any suggestions or content provided by AI. Use it as another tool in your toolbox, but remember you are accountable for what you present in your resume. Ensure it’s an honest and accurate representation of your personal experience, skills and career goals.

4. For the Creatives

For graphic designers and other creative professionals, traditional resume formats may not fully capture your unique talents and visual flair. That’s where specialized design platforms and apps come into play, offering a range of tools to help stand out from the crowd. Creative folks who work in specific apps on a regular basis may find this is the best way to create a resume that they are happy with.

With this approach, it’s important to remember to export your design into a format that can be viewed by the average person without any additional apps required (i.e. PDF). You also don’t want to go overboard with an elaborate design—you can always keep the resume fairly simple and then link to an online portfolio to show off your creative skills!


Many creatives, especially graphic designs, are very comfortable working in Adobe Creative Cloud / Creative Suite products like InDesign and Illustrator. With more precise control over layout and typography, designers can customize every aspect of your resume to reflect your personal brand and showcase your creative skills.


Known for its user-friendly interface and extensive library of design assets, Canva can be used to create eye-catching resumes quickly. With its drag-and-drop functionality and customizable templates, Canva allows designers to experiment with different layouts and fonts to create a resume that truly reflects your style and personality.

From well-known tools like MS Word to innovative platforms powered by AI, job seekers have many options available to create standout resumes. Whether you’re just starting your career journey or looking to make a career change, explore these options, experiment with different tools and find the one that best fits your needs and style. With the right resume in hand, you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job!

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