The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Natalie Souresrafil on Leveraging Your Work Style for Job & Culture Fit

Whether you’re hunting for your next great role or want to be successful and effective in your current job, it’s important to understand your unique working style. What are your ‘default settings’ in a work situation? What energizes or drains you? What does ‘fit’ look like for you, and how do you know if a job or employer will be right for you? Psychometric assessment tools like the Workstyle & Performance Profile help you better understand what type of tasks, environment, team and leadership style you best respond to. In this webinar you will learn how to become more self aware, how to use your assessment results to make better career choices, and how to apply this knowledge in job interviews.

Natalie Souresrafil has an MSc in Occupational Psychology and is skilled in training, coaching, team building, risk mitigation and program management. As Program Director for TalentClick Workforce Solutions, she creates and delivers training programs for employers in a variety of areas including team building, employee retention, organizational culture & effectiveness, leadership and change management.

Watch the webinar recording: