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LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to assist with your job search. Recruiters and hiring managers use it to find candidates by posting jobs and by searching for profiles with the skills and experience they’re seeking. If you’re new to using LinkedIn, here are 10 tips to help you get started! You can also learn more in the free video-based Rock Your LinkedIn Profile course offered through LinkedIn Learning:

  1. Create a profile:
    If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, a job search is a great time to make one! Visit linkedin.com to begin.
  2. Review your privacy settings:
    Ensure you are comfortable with the level of information you are sharing publicly but don’t restrict it too much, otherwise hiring managers and recruiters will not be able to find you! Learn more about managing your privacy settings here.
  3. Fill in the ‘About’ section:
    Who are you? What are you seeking and what do you offer to a potential employer? Think of the ‘About’ section like an elevator pitch.
  4. Fill in the ‘Experience’ section:
    Make sure this section matches your resume. Focus on key responsibilities and accomplishments in your work history.
  5. Continue expanding your profile:
    Add your education, volunteer experience and skills.
  6. Record your name:
    You can add an audio recording of your name pronunciation to help others address you correctly.
  7. Show that you’re open to work:
    Enable the #OpenToWork feature, which will help recruiters and hiring managers find you and know that you are open to new jobs.
  8. Customize your public profile URL and add it to your resume:
    Edit the URL to your profile to something clear and easy to use – an easy format to follow is linkedin.com/in/yourfullname. Include this link on your resume so potential employers can quickly check out your profile.
  9. Leverage your network:
    Add people who you know as connections, let them know you’re looking for work, ask for recommendations where appropriate. Join groups relevant to your career/industry and participate in conversations.
  10. Browse jobs & sign up for alerts:
    Explore and apply for job postings on LinkedIn Jobs. Turn on job alerts to get notified when new jobs in your location and field are posted.
  11. Bonus:
    Follow The Headhunters company page on LinkedIn for more job search tips!