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Do you know what makes the difference between a good and a great resume? Unfortunately, most people settle for ‘good enough’ when it comes to their resumes. But to really stand out from the pack, we dare you to settle for nothing less than greatness!

Here are our guidelines for formatting and sending your resume:

    • Clean and simple formatting is your best bet.
    • Keep your resume short, 2 pages maximum.
    • Use bullet points.
    • Have several people review your resume for any spelling or grammatical errors. Do not rely on spell-check alone! 
    • Use the same font throughout.
    • No photos or graphics. The only exception is for creative jobs, such as graphic design, where the resume is almost considered part of the portfolio.
    • Email your resume and rename the file to an appropriate name. For example, ‘Mary Smith Resume.’
    • Triple check that your contact details are correct.
    • Apply using a professional email address.
    • Accompany your resume with an attention-grabbing cover letter either as an attachment or in the email body.

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More resume tips:

Here’s an example of an attention-grabbing resume: