Several hands holding a wooden heart

Valentine’s Day is a time to talk about showing love and appreciation for those around us. Typically we focus on our personal relationships, but what are you doing as an employer to show your staff that they are valued and that the company cares?


Does your organization have a formal wellness program? If so, how are you communicating it? Do your employees know it exists and what it includes? If not, here are some resources to get started, or there are also many other ways to promote physical and mental wellness in your workplace!

Diversity & inclusion

Ensuring staff feel respected and included is key to creating a caring work environment. We partnered with Nicole McCabe of SAP to bring you an enlightening webinar on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Watch the webinar recording »

Get to know your team

Do you really know the people who work for you? Do you understand what motivates them?

  • Our workstyle assessment can help you gain insight into what makes your employees tick! Learn more »
  • Our partners at GO Productivity explain motivational leadership and how to recognize, inspire and support your team members in a way that is meaningful to each individual. Read the article »

Work hard, play hard

Do you have fun with your team? Explore ways to celebrate success, get active as a team or volunteer together.