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Danielle Bragge, our Vice President and Co-Founder, was recently included in an article in Business in Edmonton about head hunting, along with Lori Schmidt and Tom Lieu from GO Productivity, one of our close partners.

“Head hunting” is the practice of professionally recruiting an employee. Recruitment agencies like The Headhunters specialize in connecting employers and employees based on skill sets, values, goals and cultural fit: matchmakers for the workplace!

While most companies do have in-house HR departments, recruitment agencies have a very specialized expertise, a dedicated skill set, and access to a strong pool of candidates. Conducting searches internally may not be the best use of your time as an HR professional, manager or business owner. “I think there’s a huge value in using an agency,” Danielle says. “I might be able to drywall my basement, and I might do an okay job, but if you look really closely you’ll notice it’s not perfect. Whereas, if I bring an expert in and all they do is drywall basements, you can switch on the light and put a spotlight on it, and you’re not going to see a single crack.”

Lori Schmidt of GO Productivity agrees, seeing the value The Headhunters has provided to her organization in terms of all-around expertise and assessing for the right fit with their corporate culture and values (read more about our Workstyle & Performance Profile assessment). Tom Lieu, who was hired by Lori through The Headhunters, also notes that from the job seeker perspective, working with an agency allows you to tap into roles you would not have otherwise: “A lot of jobs are not posted publicly or are difficult to find. By using a recruitment agency, I was exposed to many different opportunities, which I did not find on my own.”

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Danielle Bragge has over 25 years of recruiting experience and considerable knowledge, and shares her expertise to help clients attract and retain top talent. As partner and Co-Founder of The Headhunters, she understands how hiring top talent translates to long-term business growth. Read more ».