The Headhunters help you identify the right fit.

At The Headhunters we use our  Workstyle and Performance Profile (WPP) assessment to find candidates whose personality and work style fit your unique culture and job requirements. From interviews to onboarding, the WPP helps shape our tailor-made search for your next hire.

There is no additional cost for the WPP and you don’t have to ask for it. We do it for every candidate, every time, because it works.
Increase employee and team satisfaction – it’s amazing what can happen when the right people are in the right jobs! Reduce employee turnover and increase productivity by hiring the people who will succeed and stay.

Hire more stars, reduce turnover and create a healthy workplace culture

How it works

  • DISCOVER We find out who you are as an organization. Easy-going and relaxed? Fast-paced and innovative? We look at your job requirements AND your organizational culture.
  • ASSESS Every candidate we work with completes a simple twenty-minute online survey.  There are no right or wrong answers, it simply asks them questions that look at their personality in the workplace.
  • REPORT A simple, easy to read report is created and provided to the candidate to offer them career insight and interview questions they may want to ask a potential new employer.
  • REVIEW We review the WPP report and use it to predict behavior and culture fit in a new role. This is part of how we build a short-list of qualified candidates for you to interview.
  • REFERENCE We use the WPP results to probe into specific areas of interest or concern when conducting references. We share our valuable insights with you.
  • RECOMMEND The WPP is provided to you along with a candidate’s resume, our interview insights and completed references. We want to ensure our candidates have the hard skills and the culture fit to thrive. You decide who to interview and who to hire!
  • ONBOARD We use the WPP to get your new hires up and running faster. We offer expert advice on making the transition easy and effective based on their personality and yours.

What’s in a WPP?

  • Action-oriented feedback on how to leverage the candidate’s natural workstyle
  • Potential areas for coaching and development
  • Job fit considerations
  • Management tips for ongoing performance guidance
  • Suggested interview questions based on personality
  • Suggestions for onboarding to set your new hire up for success

View sample WPP report

Success Using WPP

After using behavioral assessments to hire the right people, companies have achieved:

  • 50% reduction in turnover (retail employers)
  • 97% improvement in production (insurance claims examiners)
  • 57% decrease in cost-per-claim (healthcare employer)
  • $308K increase in annual sales-per-rep (banking employer)

Maximize performance, minimize disruption and find the FIT that feels right.