Lindsay Kikuchi, Vancouver Supply Chain Recruiter

Lindsay Kikuchi, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Supply Chain and Operations, Vancouver

  • Recruiting for the entire spectrum of supply chain management, Lindsay has an astute ability to identify high performers from all segments within the industry
  • With work experience in markets across Asia and North America, Lindsay operates from a solid network of high calibre candidates and top-tier clients
  • Lindsay implements innovative and market-leading strategies that she garnered through international searches

Direct Phone: 236.521.4739
Office Phone: 604.682.9999 ext. 229

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For 10 years, Lindsay has focused exclusively on recruiting for manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and retail. With relationships from her decade in business development, Lindsay offers her clients a wealth of experience and connections that span continents. What this means for Lindsay’s clients is that she is uniquely equipped to help them address their talent needs.

Lindsay knows the questions to ask. Hers are tactical ones that ultimately give her a deep understanding of clients’ specific challenges. Lindsay keeps her awareness of the environment fresh by continuously learning about new companies, industries, products, and processes.

Because of her extensive experience in the industry, Lindsay is an instrumental partner in her candidates’ careers. Consulting with them in a genuine and supportive manner,  Lindsay seeks to find people a long term fit. Above all, Lindsay values the relationships she has with her clients and candidates, and this is reflected in their loyalty to her.

Lindsay loves reading, travelling with her family to new places, and baking with her daughter.

“Our candidate’s first few weeks are going so well – he is clearly a super cultural fit, and I can already see his wheels turning around how he can implement more efficiencies within our purchasing and logistics process. I believe he will be a great fit for our company, and I want to thank you for your diligence in ensuring that I interviewed him. People are really enjoying his energy, and as I said above, he immediately fit right in!”

“It’s been wonderful working with Lindsay. She’s super friendly, knowledgeable and hard working. She stays on top of things and I would definitely recommend her.”

“I am so grateful to have found a dedicated Vancouver Supply Chain Recruiter.”