We spend most of our time at work. When we’re not there, we also spend a lot of time thinking about it. But what makes us happy there? And which workers are the most content? City and Guilds in the UK has released their Career Happiness Index for 2012, offering some broad insights into what people in the UK consider to be the most important factors contributing to their happiness at work.

Key Highlights from the Survey:

  • Of the 2200 workers surveyed, Gardeners and florists topped the list of happiest workers, followed by hairdressers and plumbers.
  • Meanwhile, bankers, IT professionals and HR workers are the least happy
  • Self-employed people are overwhelmingly happier at work (85 per cent).
  • 68 per cent of those in vocationally-trained, skills-based jobs said they were proud of their work, compared to 62 per cent of those in academically-trained, office-based jobs.
  • Feeling recognized and appreciated is the most important aspect of their work, with 62 per cent of workers saying it was very important to them.

Infographic of Career Happiness Index 2012