In Defense of TempsWe love our temps. But sometimes they get a bad rap; fighting the stigma that temps are only unskilled seat warmers who man the front desk while the receptionist is sick.

Gone are the days where being a temp was just about answering phones and smiling politely (although there is still plenty of that!). Today’s temporary and contract workers are a highly skilled and adaptable workforce that shouldn’t be underestimated.

So in defense of our temps, here are just some of the reasons why they’re great –

  • Temps bring fresh perspective. From their time working with a range of businesses, temps can bring new perspectives from their diverse experience and carry new knowledge wherever they go.

  • Temps WANT to work. Not disenchanted by the daily grind, a temp relishes new assignments and actually enjoys being in a new workplace.

  • Temps can ‘hit the ground running’. Temps are selected on their inherent adaptability; meaning you get a top notch starter who can positively affect your business from day one.

  • Temps are highly skilled in many areas. Temps not only work in a number of workplaces, they can also come from a variety of roles. From Executive Assistants to Reconciliations Specialists to Marketing Coordinators – they are a deep pool professionals who cover a wide scope of responsibilities.

  • Temps come from all walks of life and corners of the globe. Due to the nature of temporary work we meet a lot of fascinating people who get their start in a new country by temping. Their international work and life experience can make them a vibrant addition to a team.

  • Temps love the lifestyle. There’s a common assumption that people temp as a short-term solution. In reality there are a lot of temps who choose temping as a career path because it gives them incredible flexibility and variety. 

Temping has its ups and downs but they are a resilient bunch and take each day in their stride. So, a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful temps that we get to work with every day!

And if you are considering becoming  a temp or are looking for a temp for your business, give us a call!