Guest post by Gayle Hallgren-Rezac

Glowing Introduction™ is a technique that all good networkers and connectors use.  Most people take the easy way out and say things like: “This is Jasmine, we work together.” or “This is my better half.” (Seriously, do people still say this?  Yes, they do, and it’s cringe-worthy.)  Instead of these lacklustre ways to introduce your tag team-mate, introduce them with a Glowing Introduction™.


Start by seizing the moment and make the introduction rather than having the other person introduce themselves. Sing their praises (which they can’t do) in a short introduction. Here are some examples:


I’d like to introduce …


“…Franklin. He is one of my favorite lawyers.  He is an arbitrator and mediator extraordinaire.  Franklin is an amazing guy, he’s got an uncanny knack for getting the best out of people in very difficult situations.”


“…Jasmine. She’s my business partner and we’ve had some amazing adventures working together. When she’s not working on our projects she sits on very interesting corporate and not-for-profit boards. She a huge champion of young men and women in business.”


“I’d like to introduce my wife, Sasha.  Sasha is the HR manager for a great ad agency here in town. I know I’m biased, but she’s an HR guru.  She uses those excellent people skills on me, and our three kids.”


Note: Use their first and last names, if appropriate.  Be concrete and give the name of the company where they work.  Add something personal, if appropriate (see last  Glowing Introduction™ example.)



About Gayle Hallgren-Rezac

Gayle is Chief Engagement Officer at Shepa Learning Company and co-author of Work the Pond! With her co-author Judy Thomson, they have been teaching the skills of networking, team building through communication and social intelligence for over a decade and their clients include corporations, business associations, financial institutions, professional services firms, and university students.