We continue to get many questions from job seekers regarding their resume. The biggest question is “why don’t I hear back from employers when I send my resume?” Below are immediate changes you can make to your job search to ensure a call back. (Please note we have not covered the obvious mistakes like spelling or grammar).

  1. Are the jobs you are applied for close to what you have done in the past?  Don’t apply for something where you have no experience or where the education requirements are very specific. You may not have all the requirements the employer is asking for but at the very least you need to have 70% of their expectations. 
  2. Use the same word tracking you see on the job posting in your resume. For example, if the postings say “multi-tasking, self-motivated” put in your resume “multi-tasking, self-motivated.” When it comes to the hard skills, quote back their requirements on your resume (providing you have had the relative experience) e.g.:  “Reconciling complex intercompany consolidations.” Use these exact words on your resume, but do not add anything you have not done! 
  3. Does your resume have action words like accomplished, managed, changed, improved, grew? You want to show that you are a person of action; you take charge and make things happen. 
  4. Do you have accomplishments on your resume? How did you change the company? Did you save money, time or improve a process? Ask yourself the question “why should this company hire me before they hire someone else?” 
  5. Employers want to see what you did at EACH Company you worked for. Don’t clump all your experience together and then list the companies you have worked for. This is confusing and detracts from your overall experience. This is the single biggest mistake we see on resumes. 
  6. When all else fails and you think you are truly a good fit and have 100% of what the client is seeking, call the hiring manager and give them a quick 30 second snapshot on who you are and why you think you would be a good fit.  Make sure if you are going to make the call that it is well scripted and well rehearsed. This can make or break your opportunity with the company, so do it right! You only get one shot!

If you are dealing with a good recruiter they should be giving you resume advice. Expect this when you go in for an interview. Recruiters see hundreds of resumes weekly and know exactly what employers are seeking.