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The past few years have brought disruptions in the global supply chain, necessitating a need for talented professionals with the ability to adapt, problem-solve and innovate daily. At the same time, an ongoing talent shortage has made qualified individuals increasingly challenging to find. Early retirement during Covid and an aging demographic contribute to the talent shortage, especially in Canada, where the adult working-age population is shrinking while the number of individuals 65 years of age or older is growing. This talent scarcity is one of the chief reasons many companies partner with a Winnipeg recruitment agency to hire top operations and supply chain talent for their organization.

Why Use Operations & Supply Chain Staffing Services in Winnipeg?

Supply chain and operations recruiters are experts in sourcing, screening and attracting applicants for your unique positions. They get to know your company so that they can find individuals who will fit your company culture and have the necessary skills and experience required for complex roles within the industry.

Operations and Supply Chain Hiring Tips from a Winnipeg Recruiter

Edit: Tracy Proutt retired a year after this article was published. We wish her well in this exciting next chapter! Her advice in this post is still very relevant, and The Headhunters still has recruiters who specialize in operations and supply chain in Winnipeg (contact us for any questions or hiring support). 

Senior Recruitment Consultant Tracy Proutt specializes in the recruitment of operations, supply chain and engineering professionals with The Headhunters in Winnipeg, and has seen an increased demand for qualified and skilled candidates in engineering, mid-level to senior management roles and supply chain professionals—particularly those with five to ten years of experience. As an industry expert, she’s familiar with the job requirements of supply chain and operations roles—and the skills, experience and personal characteristics required for success.

Consider the following ways that Tracy believes working with a Winnipeg recruiter can improve hiring:

Adopt a More Efficient Process

“Timing and open communication are everything,” says Tracy. “When the process is smooth and timely, from the review of resumes to the interviews and presenting an offer, there is a much higher likelihood the candidate will ultimately accept the job.”

An efficient hiring process with transparent communication creates a more engaging experience for candidates. Working with a recruiter can help your organization attract qualified candidates, keep them moving through that process and ensure smooth communication along the way.

Gain a Brand Ambassador

“The interview process needs to be back and forth, with both parties getting to know each other to see if there is a fit,” continued Tracy. “Not only does the candidate have to demonstrate what they’re bringing to the table, the employer must do the same.”

Engaging with the right operations and supply chain recruiting firm is an excellent way to market your company and communicate your brand to job seekers. That’s where The Headhunters comes in. As your recruiting partner, we learn about your company culture, the benefits of working for your organization and the career advancement opportunities available to your employees. When screening candidates, our recruiters leverage that information to attract individuals who value what you have to offer. By positioning you as a desirable employer, The Headhunters acts as a brand ambassador, communicating the value of working for your organization.

Save Time and Resources

“In order to present the top two or three candidates to an employer, I often have to identify and reach out to as many as 50 candidates, interview at least five, and then narrow down the shortlist,” says Tracy.

The operations and supply chain market is incredibly tight, and it can take considerable time and effort to find the right candidate. Operations and supply chain recruiters in Winnipeg can do the legwork for you, sourcing and interviewing dozens of candidates and hand-selecting the most ideal matches for your organization. By scouring our existing network of active and passive candidates, we can find talent faster and more efficiently than most companies can by posting on job boards.

Instead of wasting time interviewing unqualified candidates, you’ll interview pre-qualified candidates who meet your criteria. Since these candidates are presented based on fit, they have the skills and personal characteristics to thrive in your organization and are more likely to remain—saving you turnover costs down the line.

Hire for Potential

“Sometimes waiting for the ‘perfect’ candidate results in not having anyone at all,” says Tracy. “Understanding a candidate’s potential becomes very important to the process.”

Winnipeg operations and supply chain recruiters develop relationships with active and passive talent in the industry. During the interview process, we learn why a candidate is leaving their current role and what they seek in their next opportunity. By assessing potential (as well as skills, experience and cultural fit), we will be better able to identify which candidates are most likely to accept an offer and join your organization.

“Many times, the desired qualifications are more of a ‘wish list’ and may have to be adjusted to reflect the candidate market,” continued Tracy.

In a tight candidate market, it may be necessary to make some concessions. An applicant may lack specific skills but fit so well in other ways that hiring them is the right decision. With the proper training, motivated candidates who align well with your company values can gain job experience and ultimately positively impact the company. An experienced recruiter can help you identify which skills are essential and which are “nice to have,” ensuring that you don’t miss out on high-potential candidates.

Build Relationships with Passive Talent

“Because we are truly headhunting—building relationships with individuals who are not necessarily actively looking—we tap into a whole other market of candidates,” says Tracy. “This ‘invisible’ pool of talent may never look at job postings or consider making a move unless we demonstrate the value of considering a new opportunity.”

Candidates are less likely to want to make a move unless there is something particularly appealing about the new role or organization. Your recruiting partner can help you identify the benefits you offer candidates—to truly show “what’s in it for them” if they come to work for your company. Recruiters are turned into the market and know what candidates are looking for in terms of salary and benefits.

Working with a recruiter can help you make attractive offers to candidates who aren’t actively looking for jobs, some of whom might even be working for your competitors. An established recruiter will have access to a vast network of candidates looking for new challenges and ready to accept the right opportunity.

Leverage Soft Skills

Although soft skills do not outweigh technical knowledge and experience, they are crucial to an employee’s success. Examples of soft skills that are vital to operations and supply chain roles include:

  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Initiative
  • Negotiation
  • Problem-solving
  • Flexibility
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail

The Headhunters’ Workstyle & Performance Profile Helps You Hire for Fit

Our Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP) is a hiring and assessment tool that takes the guesswork out of matching job seekers with employers. Every candidate we present to you has been assessed through the WPP, ensuring stronger hiring decisions, better team dynamics and lower turnover for your organization. You’ll learn what drives candidates to succeed and what kind of leadership style inspires their best performance.

Says Tracy, “The WPP is an effective and unbiased way to gauge the working style and soft skills required for a role. This can include leadership potential, attention to detail, communication style, achievement motivation and responsiveness to stress. It can also be paired with other assessment tools to assess safety, work values and other attributes.”

Soft skills are especially important when hiring for management roles. The expert recruiters at The Headhunters can help you find the right candidates for roles such as:

  • Supervisors
  • General Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Directors

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