Diverse team of office workers laughing and collaborating

Our partners at TalentClick recently wrote a great article, outlining five ways that behavioural assessments such as our Workstyle & Performance Profile help build diverse teams, and reduce unconscious bias that can otherwise inadvertently impact hiring decisions.

Key takeaways from this article include:

  1. It’s important to incorporate assessment tools early on in the hiring process, while you are pre-screening. If you wait until you have selected final candidates, it’s already too late, and chances are that biases have already crept in.
  2. Use assessments during the interview stage to make science-based decisions, rather than letting subjective criteria like “likeability” potentially impact decisions and screen out high-performing employees.
  3. Set benchmarks to pinpoint the key strengths and traits needed to be a top performer in a specific role, and use that as your standard to measure all candidates fairly.
  4. Ensure you choose an assessment tool that does not discriminate on factors such as gender, race and ethnicity. Like the Workstyle & Performance Profile, assessments used for hiring should be backed by extensive research and meet specific industry standards.
  5. Behavioural assessments measure potential. If someone has not come from a privileged background and had the same opportunities for education, networks or promotions, behavioural assessments help level the playing field and build diversity.

As TalentClick says:

“Adding behavioural assessments to your hiring toolkit brings objectivity and fair play to your process.  At the end of the day, bringing the power of assessments into the hiring mix will help you to build strong, diverse teams that thrive.”

To learn more, read TalentClick’s full article here »