Danielle Bragge, our Vice President and Co-Founder, was recently included in an article by TalentClick about unconscious bias—specifically, how it impacts the recruitment process and how to avoid it.

Unconscious bias is our deep-seated prejudice about others. It can be positive or negative, influencing our everyday decisions, usually without us realizing it. As Danielle discussed with TalentClick, unconscious bias can appear throughout the hiring process, including in pre-screening and interviewing.

TalentClick recommends five hiring practices that can help reduce the effects of biases: 1) removing names from resumes before screening, 2) using a standardized matrix for rating applicants, 3) standardizing your interview questions, 4) implementing a high-quality normative assessment tool, and 5) seeking input from other team members.

By implementing these best practices, “Some companies are now hiring outstanding new employees whom they might have previously passed over because of their biases,” Danielle says. “Those managers aren’t bad people; they just needed a little help in overriding biases which, if we’re not careful, can affect all of us.”

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Danielle Bragge has over 25 years of recruiting experience and considerable knowledge and shares her expertise to help clients attract and retain top talent. As partner and Co-Founder of The Headhunters, she understands how hiring top talent translates to long-term business growth. Read more ».

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