Employee engagement isn’t simply a matter of job satisfaction—it’s about building happy, safe and productive workforces. Employee engagement is often a challenge for organizations, and it has become even more difficult with the shift to remote work models. Taking a strategic approach to build engagement within your team is key to recruitment, retention, morale and productivity.

Our partners at TalentClick offer an Employee Engagement Survey, designed to help you focus on what really matters: your employees! It is a diagnostic scan of workforce sentiment that provides a gap analysis between what leaders think is happening in the organization and what is really happening.

Why Use an Employee Engagement Survey?

An Employee Engagement Survey will help you drive organizational gains in these areas:

  • Increased employee satisfaction and improved morale
  • Decreased employee turnover and increased retention
  • Reduced costs for recruitment, hiring, training
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced culture and employer brand

3 Advantages of the Employee Engagement Survey

There are 3 key advantages this survey can bring to your team, all with the overarching goal of keeping your workforce engaged and empowered:

  1. Uncover actionable insights: Prioritize areas of improvement in your organization with actionable insights and employee feedback.
  2. Focus on what is most important to your employees: Understand what is most important to the people in your organization.
  3. Receive honest, anonymized feedback from employees: By using an external third-party expert, employees may share more honest, detailed feedback

Assess Employee Engagement Annually

Conducting an assessment each year allows you to measure changes in sentiment and patterns of engagement over time. Yearly data helps to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of changes implemented and help you continue to make informed decisions about your strategies
  • Proactively address potential issues before they become problematic
  • Measure changes in employee engagement and new emerging trends
  • Create a thriving company culture
  • Keep your workforce engaged and productive!

Get Started with the Employee Engagement Survey

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