In this digital age job seekers have a wide range of useful tools at their fingertips to help them stand out from the pack. One of our favourite alternatives to the traditional resume is a SlideShare visual resume. SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. Users can upload a presentation and easily share it online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and on your own website.

We’ve picked out 6 SlideShare users who have taken the leap and swapped their word doc for a vibrant, interactive presentation with POP!


IMPORTANT NOTE: While we LOVE visual resumes, remember many employers still want a traditional resume available upon request so keep a word or pdf version at hand. These visual resumes are examples only of how some job seekers are using SlideShare in their job search. TempsAhead does not endorse the content of any of the above visual resumes. We also recommend you do not include personal information such as age, race or religion in any form of resume or job application.