Halloween in the office—trick or treat? Depending on who you are, Halloween is either a fun way to let loose or a complete cringe-fest. Regardless of what your personal take is, here are a few basic rules we should all play by when it comes to Halloween in the office:

  • Do decide (and publicize) in advance if your office will dress up and have any festivities in the office.
  • Don’t be a killjoy if everyone is dressing up. If you don’t want to dress up, bring some candy or help decorate to show some participation in the “fun”. Some vampire teeth won’t kill you.
  • Do show your personality. One year our office all dressed as their ‘true selves’. We had hippies, country folk and sports fans show up. Halloween is a time to have a laugh with your colleagues and let them see a different side to you.
  • Don’t be the sexy version of anything. Period.
  • Do wear a timely costume. Costumes that play on current events and trends are some of the best.
  • Don’t wear an overly political costume. Steer clear of anything offensive.
  • Do wear an industry-related costume. Inside jokes in smaller offices are big hits.
  • Don’t dress up as your boss. This is TOO much of an inside joke. Even if your boss is laid-back. Even if you KNOW that he/she will find it funny… just don’t.
  • Do check your calendar for meetings with clients. If you are meeting a client that day who might not be impressed by you showing up in a costume, plan a wardrobe change.
  • Don’t forget it’s still a work day! We love Halloween and it’s fun to get caught up in the festivities, but remember it’s still your work and you are still expected to behave appropriately—even if you are in costume.
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