edmonton accounting recruiter

Linh Lieu, RPR, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Accounting and Finance, Edmonton

  • A decade of experience in accounting and management assures that Linh is an expert at identifying clients’ and candidates’ needs
  • Holding her reputation and relationships in the highest regard, Linh goes above and beyond to find the right fit and exceed expectations
  • Committed to helping clients and candidates succeed, Linh builds strong teams by guiding premium candidates to their niche

Direct Phone: 780.784.9879
Office Phone: 780.486.8377 ext. 103
Email: llieu@theheadhunters.ca

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Drawing on an extensive background in accounting and finance in both industrial and professional environments, Linh is perceptively in tune with her clients’ needs. She has an intuitive understanding of the personalities best suited for different businesses and adapts her recruiting searches accordingly.

Because Linh has operated her own company before, she is aware of the challenges her clients face, including the technical ones. Earlier in her career, Linh acted in both managerial and operational roles, improving processes, developing procedures, and implementing organizational changes. Her practical experience means she knows first-hand the candidate profile her clients need in order to achieve their objectives.

Linh is enthusiastic about assisting candidates to cultivate and advance their careers. She takes the time to listen to what they want, and then directs them to settings where they will thrive. Linh truly cares and it shows; candidates recognize that she is passionate about helping them accomplish their goals. Linh enjoys studying aspects of human behavior, an endeavour which enhances her ability to empathise with both clients and candidates.

Linh is married and has three beautiful children. She enjoys fishing and camping with her family.

“My experience with Linh, at The Headhunters, was wonderful. I really appreciated the fact that she took the time to sit down with me and asked me to list what I was looking for in a new employer. My list contained: great compensation, benefits, full-cycle accounting, reimbursement on education, ongoing training for entry-level accounting, with my preferred work location being downtown. I expected a few of those criteria not to be met, but Linh found the perfect position and she checked off everything on my list! Linh found this positiontwo weeks from the first day I met her… amazing! I appreciate that she worked fast, yet catered to my needs at the same time. Thank you, Linh, for all your help, I am very happy with my new position, and I am off to a great start.”

“I had a wonderful experience working with Linh, she was very knowledgeable about the industry, and she seemed very committed and dedicated to me and her job. By understanding my needs and wants in an organization, Linh made finding me a job hassle free. It was a very positive experience, and I always recommend The Headhunters whenever I have the chance!”

“Linh really understood what I was looking for and did not try to put ‘close-but-not-quite’ the right person in front of me. Linh was willing to put her reputation on the line to convince me to look at a candidate. Her strong belief in her candidate showed me that she had given the position and the right fit a lot of thought.”

“Great focus on matching a candidate’s skill set to job requirements. “

“My recruiting needs were met by positive, attentive, and supportive professionals who met all my needs from the start of the process through to the hiring phase.”

“I can confidently say that Linh Lieu is the most dedicated Edmonton Accounting Recruiter I have ever met!”

“I have always felt comfortable with The Headhunters staff. They are professional, honest and do not place people just to make a buck. This is my second placement through The Headhunters and both have been very positive experiences.”

“Linh was incredibly helpful! The Headhunters know people! The turnaround time for obtaining a new job was incredibly fast. I would highly recommend working with this great company.”