What help can you expect from a new employer when you’re relocating for the job?

Our President, Cam Macmillan, was asked to weigh in on the topic of relocation costs in Business in Vancouver’s Ask the Experts, below is a snapshot of what he had to say:

  • Many of our clients will cover some if not all of the relocation costs depending on the role they are looking to fill.
  • If the position is in a remote area, typically costs will be covered. We have filled positions as far north as Inuvik and costs were 100% covered.
  • What that can include is having travel costs to investigate your new home (and it is very important to have the spouse or significant other to accompany you); costs of the actual move, short-term hotel or rental costs until your new home is ready to occupy.
  • One great option is spousal job support; in many of our remote searches the employer will gladly help the spouse find a position. Some of our mining clients will include airline tickets to return home once or twice a year. A full pack option with movers is a great benefit as is a transfer of your vehicles to the new location.
  • According to engineering recruiter Dave Banns: “My clients in northern B.C. understand the need for a smooth transition and go above and beyond to ensure the family has a comfortable move. That can include assigning a staff member to help the new employee meet those key contacts such as the doctor, dentist and teachers.”
  • If the role is highly specialized or remote, chances of relocation assistance is much more likely. With top talent being so much tougher to find these days, the best employers will go to extraordinary lengths to get the best people.

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