Employers and contractors alike commonly view temporary employment as a dress rehearsal, or test drive of a job, before a decision to hire or not hire is made. More and more companies are using temp-to-hire, or “temp-to-perm” services to find great personnel.

An effective temporary to hire strategy can provide employers with: 

  • Immediate access to skilled contract workers
  • Flexible, quick-learning and adaptable candidates
  • Thoroughly screened candidates

The flexibility of a dependable temp-to-hire service can help companies establish effective probationary periods to evaluate candidates. The beauty of this for many HR departments is that it gives them a transparent platform from which they can choose the absolute best man or woman for the job. Besides this option, other great benefits for employers can include lower overhead cost on health insurance, workers compensation, and related plans.

Reduce Your Hiring Risk

Hiring a new employee is often seen as an arduous task for most companies, but it doesn`t have to be. If you partner with a recruitment agency who specializes in temporary to permanent solutions, they should be able to quickly find a suitable candidate for the role and begin that “test drive”. If you are not yet ready to commit to a full-time hire right away, this is a low-risk option that could result in you finding a great new employee to add to your team. Additionally, many job seekers who participate in temporary contract work are often looking for a position that offers the possibility of full-time employment at the end of the contract. Advertising your position as “temporary to hire” will attract candidates who are searching for contracts that could potentially turn into more.

Benefits of Temporary to Hire for Employers and Employees

The temp-to-perm process provides numerous advantages for employers as well as their potential employees. The benefits for temporary workers include valuable work experience, competitive pay, flexibility and exciting work environments. When it comes to employers, they have the opportunity to take the time to find the perfect fit for a role and really feel out a candidate before they make the decision to hire them permanently. Ultimately, the temporary to hire approach can be an excellent option for all parties, because each participant has the discretion to part ways amicably, or turn a temporary opportunity into a rewarding, full-time career.

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