Recruiting agencies are organizations that can be extremely helpful for people that are looking for a job as well as employers that want to easily find top talent. The best recruiters act as matchmakers that connect people with jobs that they are best suited for, which saves time and energy for everyone in the process.

Here are five common questions that people often have about recruiting agencies.

How do recruiting agencies make money?

Many job seekers ask what fees we charge to candidates and are surprised when then answer is “it’s free!” In fact it’s actually illegal for companies to charge job seekers a fee to place them in a role. So you may wonder how recruiting companies earn revenue, since they do not charge people to help them find jobs. The answer lies in the way that the employment arrangements are set up with the companies that recruiting agencies work for. The agency charges the employer a fee to help them find the best candidates for their job openings. However, this means that an agency’s primary purpose isn’t to find job for candidates, it’s to find top candidates for jobs we are recruiting for.

How do recruiting agencies find jobs?

Generally speaking, the recruiting process begins when a company determines that it has a position that it needs to fill. At that point, the company decides to partner with one or more recruiting agencies to find someone for the position. Recruiters will then tap into their professional networks to attempt to fill the position with the right person, which keeps their clients happy and leads to repeat business.

How do you tell which recruiting agency will find someone the best job?

Although some larger recruiting companies offer placement services in a multitude of fields, many smaller recruiting companies only work in a specific industry. Sometimes, recruiting agencies will only recruit candidates in a particular niche of an industry. For example: a recruiting company may specialize in helping clients find IT specialists that have knowledge of a particular programming language.

Why should a company use a recruiting agency instead of hiring directly?

The obvious answer is the time that it saves your business from having to go through the hiring process itself. Companies that use a recruiter do not have to sort through hundreds of resumes just to schedule days of interviews, which can be a serious drain on organizational resources. Another important benefit of using recruiting agencies is that a business gets access to a pool of talent that may not be accessible otherwise. Recruiters are sourcing top talent every day, usually in a specialized field. This gives them both a deep and wide network that they can delve into. This is especially helpful for businesses that are looking for crucial roles in leadership or management.

How should a company choose a recruiting agency?

The first thing any company should do is research to find which recruiting agencies are prominent in the field in which they have a job opening. From there, businesses can delve into the profiles of each individual recruiting agency by checking their websites or calling for a consultation. Be sure to qualify the exact recruiter who will be working on the role with you, how long have they been recruiting, do they have industry experience in your field, what are some clients they’ve worked with previously? It is also smart for companies looking for a recruiting agency to ask their contacts for referrals to a trustworthy, dependable source for recruitment.

Recruiting agencies can be a blessing, whether you are an employer with openings or a person that is looking for an engaging, fulfilling job. Every position is different, as is every candidate that is seeking employment. The best recruiting agencies are skilled enough to understand the needs of both clients and talent in their given field so that they can foster successful partnerships that benefit the recruiter, the company, and the employee.