Mother lecturing teenage daughter looking at her cell phone

The Headhunters was asked by CTV News to weigh in on the topic of ‘Helicopter parenting’. Managing Partner, Greg Ford, was featured in the news segment which aired on Friday, March 1 , 2013. He spoke about overzealous parents who are intervening in their child’s job search and careers, even to the point of waiting outside the interview and asking for feedback.

Watch the full CTV News segment about Helicopter parents

Excerpt from CTV’s website: 

A growing number of so-called “helicopter parents” are running their children’s lives well into their 20s, from their vacation and laundry schedules to meddling in their course selections.

Greg Ford, co-founder of recruitment agency The Headhunters, said he often sees parents taking an extreme hands-on approach when their kids are looking for a job.

“We’ve seen parents that will call to book the interview for some of their kids,” Ford said.

The veteran headhunter says he sees parents intervening often into their child’s workplace, including an overzealous relative who escorted their kid to the job interview and waited outside.

“And then afterwards, approach us and say, ‘how did it go? Did my kid get the job? Is there anything we can do differently?’” Ford said.

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