You might wonder how to get promoted at your job. If you have been at your workplace for any length of time you have undoubtedly seen people move in and move up along the way. How do they do it?  There are plenty of paths you can take for how to get promoted. Here are some suggestions.

Moving On Up

One of the best ways to move on up the ladder at your job is to behave as though you were. Be confident around your workplace, ask to take on the tasks that would ordinarily be above your level, and always keep a positive attitude. Moving on up is a state of mind. Find this state of mind and you will be on your way to getting promoted.

Tasks Above Pay Grade

Going right along with that last, you should begin thinking about tasks which are above your pay grade. You don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but if you come to your bosses with good ideas and offer to take on more and more responsibility, they’ll take note of your eagerness and aptitude.


Another thing any boss loves is efficiency. Having a more efficient running office means you are making more money with less time. Coming up with new strategies for doing business and showing your willingness to go that extra mile is a sure-fire path to getting promoted. You want to show your boss that you are not only willing to do the work but that when they elevate your job description, you will more than pay for your pay increase with increased efficiency and more money coming in.

Ask For It

Many people make the mistake of expecting bosses to ‘get’ their subtle and not so subtle tactics for getting promoted. But why not just let your intentions be known outright? What have you got to lose? If they say “no” and tell you that you are where you should be then now the ball’s in your court if you want to start looking for another job where you can grow and advance. The other thing which can happen is that your boss can say “yes”!

Finding the best ways for how to get promoted can seem like a minefield. You don’t want to upset the people above you and you don’t want to try and jump ahead if you are not ready. But no one ever got rich or found success in business without putting themselves out there a bit. No one will advocate more for your career than you and you are responsible for your success.