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As we head toward the end of 2022, you might be thinking of drifting snow, warm fires and holiday cheer. Perhaps you’re enjoying the slower pace that often accompanies November and December as people take time off to enjoy the season. But as 2022 winds down, we’re ramping up for peak hiring season at The Headhunters!

New Year. New Opportunities. New Recruiting Partner?

Did you know the beginning of a new year is traditionally the most active time for job seekers on the hunt for new opportunities? Candidates may be lying dormant now because they know hiring managers are playing catch-up at the end of the year. Maybe they are waiting to collect a holiday bonus before they make their move. Perhaps they even know that businesses receive new budgets and sales forecasts at the end of the year, creating better opportunities in January.

Or maybe it’s a simple case of bringing New Year’s (and new job) resolutions to fruition, but job seekers tend to hit the pavement in January and February. Our Canadian recruiting firm can help you take advantage of this active candidate pool and lock down the best talent for your company.

Change is Coming —Again

Businesses have been through a lot in the past few years, and it’s likely more change is coming. Your company may be thinking of cutting costs in response to economic uncertainty, but with change comes opportunity. If your competitors are thinning their ranks, then you might be able to scoop up talent they are forced to let go. And job seekers may be eager to find a great opportunity before it disappears.

Hiring Tips For 2023

Recruiting was a challenge in 2022, and data shows that there simply aren’t enough workers to fill open jobs. How can your organization find qualified, hardworking talent? Consider these tips for attracting and retaining top candidates in 2023:

Focus on the candidate experience

With more job opportunities than there are workers to fill them, employers need to create a positive experience for job seekers. Do you know what it’s like to apply to your company? How long has it been since you walked through your hiring process? Attention spans have shortened, so it’s a good idea to make sure applying to your jobs online is a quick and easy process. Most candidates prefer using their mobile devices, so companies that don’t have mobile-optimized applications will immediately lose applicants’ interest. Explore your hiring process and make sure it is as easy as possible to choose to work with you.

Partnering with The Headhunters creates an excellent experience for candidates looking for better opportunities. As your recruiting partner, we will set candidates up for success by conducting workstyle assessments that take the guesswork out of finding the right fit. From interviews to onboarding and beyond, we stay in touch to make sure candidates are thriving and happy in their new roles.

If you need support with onboarding, check out our free Onboarding Guide or reach out to us!

Communicate your values

After the challenges of the past few years, job seekers are looking for more than just a job that pays the bills. They want meaningful, rewarding work. Find ways to communicate your company mission, vision, and values so like-minded job seekers will want to work with your organization. Your core values will help great candidates find you—and choose to stay.

Every company is unique. Our recruitment consultants will get to know your team and your culture so we can scope out the ideal candidates for your roles. Then we’ll champion your company to them, highlighting the benefits and values of working for your organization.

Work with a recruiting partner

Finding the right candidate can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially in this recruiting landscape. Working with a staffing and recruiting partner can shorten your time-to-hire by giving you access to a vast network of active and passive talent. An experienced staffing firm will handle sourcing, interviewing, and screening candidates, allowing you more time to focus on core business tasks.

Looking for a new recruiting partner? Use our How to Select a Recruitment Agency Guide to help you ask the right questions and find a strategic partner who will drive success for you now and in the future.

The Headhunters Can Prepare You For Hiring Success in 2023

You might not have time to post open roles while wrapping up 2022, but that’s where The Headhunters comes in. Partnering with our employment agency in Canada can have significant advantages for your organization. How can we help you find qualified, motivated talent to take your business to new heights in 2023?

Our Proven Recruitment Process Produces Results

Our fine-tuned process defines your recruiting goals and sources candidates who fit your unique requirements. We conduct in-depth interviews, speaking one-on-one with every candidate to ensure we understand their experience, background, and workstyle. Once we’ve got a shortlist of top talent, we’ll help you schedule interviews and support both you and your potential hire throughout the rest of the hiring process to ensure a successful match.

How do we find talent in Canada that no one else can?

Talent Sourcing Team

Our Canadian recruiting firm not only fields Recruitment Consultants to source active talent for your roles, we also have a dedicated Talent Sourcing Team working in the background to uncover passive talent who might be open to new opportunities. We use cutting-edge resources and technology to find people in places you might not think to look.

Workstyle Assessments

Our Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP) takes the guesswork out of finding the right “fit.” Every candidate we present to you has been assessed using the WPP to discover their workplace personality. We use the results to provide insight into how a candidate will fit into your organization and add value. WPP results also help us know the right questions to ask when we’re checking references and can be an invaluable resource to get your new employee onboarded efficiently. With advanced insight into each candidate’s personality and behaviour, you’ll be able to create great relationships with new hires based on their workstyle and the workstyles of your team.

Expert Consultation Creates Stronger Hiring Decisions

The Headhunters prides itself on being consultative, collaborative and communicative. We work with you to understand your needs and keep you informed at every step of the recruitment process. Once we have a shortlist of top candidates, we’re happy to consult with you to evaluate the finalists and discuss who will be the best addition to your company. Our goal is to make a successful match, and we’ll support you all the way through the process, from sourcing to an accepted offer.

Gain Access to a Vast Pool of Active and Passive Candidates

The best candidate for your job might not be looking for a new opportunity right now—but they might be willing to make a move for the right opportunity. Partnering with us gives you access to talent locally, throughout Canada and globally.

Our Diverse Network Delivers More Options

Our recruiters have access to multiple platforms to secure top-tier candidates, including job boards, social media outreach, email campaigns, and more. We keep track of the movers and shakers in your industry, so you don’t have to. Save your recruiting time and resources, and tell us what you’re looking for in top employees. We might already have the ideal person in our database!

Our Recruitment Consultants Know Your Industry

Our Recruitment Consultants are industry experts, focusing on the following specialty areas:

Our Recruitment Consultants understand your roles and challenges and can offer insights and hiring tips to increase productivity and reduce turnover.

Get Customized Solutions to Fit Your Business

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to hiring. Our recruitment services packages can be tailored to fit your business. You’re in control of the process and the depth of our search. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every candidate, leveraging our proven process and considerable resources to uncover hard-to-find talent to take your business to the next level.

Ready to score the best talent in the new year? Contact The Headhunters today!

Browse our talent showcase to see some of our top candidates. Reach out to us to learn more about a particular candidate or discuss how we can help you reach your hiring goals in 2023.

Ease your end-of-year stress by working with a recruiting partner who understands your business—and how to find people with the skills and cultural alignment to help your organization thrive.

It’s amazing what having the right people in the right roles can do for your organization! As you head into the new year, tap into a dynamic pool of active and passive talent to keep your business moving no matter what happens in the economy, the job market, or the supply chain. As a leading Canadian recruiting firm, The Headhunters is ready to help you attract—and retain—eager candidates searching for job opportunities in 2023. Find the right fit the first time—contact us today.