In this week’s Ask A Recruiter, we tackle a hidden brand killer that most companies overlook: how you train and treat your temporary and contract employees.

We asked TempsAhead Manager, Ioana Bucsa, to explain why failing to explain your brand to temporary employees and treat them like your regular permanent team, can hurt your business:

Any company with a client base wants to make sure that their brand has a good reputation in the market. This can be achieved by offering a great product, outstanding service or could be as simple as treating their employees as their biggest ambassadors and keeping them happy.

I recently attended a great networking event hosted by Vancouver Board of Trade where the topic was on “Building and maintaining a reputable brand”. All 5 panelists agreed that differentiation is critical to any business. And a distinct brand helps a business stand out, be memorable, and be more profitable. But that cannot be done without the right employees or the right attitude towards employees.


We have been working with a lot of our clients who want to have successful hires and long term partnerships with their permanent employees, so their hiring process focuses a lot on culture fit. They invest a large chunk of time into making sure that their permanent employee understands their brand and the direction they are going.

But when a company needs to bring in contractors or temporary employees they need to understand that those contractors are also an extension of their brand. When you bring a temporary or contract employee onto your team, don’t think they are “just a temp”. Taking the time to educate temporary employees about your brand and immerse them in your full brand experience can often turn contractors into some of the most powerful ambassadors for your business.


For a contract or temporary employee there is a shorter time to get to know and value a company’s culture and brand. So they do it based on their experience and what they see around them. If they go into a temporary assignment or contract and they have an amazing experience, they will be the biggest supporter and ambassador going forward – sharing their experiences with each new environment they come across. What guest doesn’t praise the host if their stay is outstanding?

Giving them the proper onboarding, training, or just appreciating their skillset and what they bring to your team and company, makes them feel welcome and a part of something great.

The temporary and contract placement market in Canada is developing into what we have seen happening in other markets. In some countries in Europe for example, up to 50% of their workforce is on contract and that brings a lot of benefits for both parties. The company brings in valuable expertise, gets to train some of their more permanent employees on new skills and techniques, improve processes and increase productivity; and the contractor gets a chance to implement their expertise into a new environment, learn a new industry, software, make new connections and will carry on the positive experience to the next employer.

Your external brand is based on your internal brand you develop with and for your employees.  The brand building process can be a very long and tedious one and using cost effective brand building techniques takes time. Starting with a hard look at your internal brand and how that can be improved will establish and differentiate your brand from your competitors and bring further success to your business.



Ioana has over 8 years of recruiting experience, focusing on roles in accounting, administrative support, skilled trades and logistics. Prior to recruitment, Ioana worked in accounting and office personnel as an Accountant and Executive Assistant. It’s this industry experience that helps her to really understand the needs of her clients and candidates; always thinking from their perspective to truly find the right fit. Having moved from Romania to Calgary and then Vancouver, she is adept at responding to market changes and quickly engages in new environments. Her responsiveness and wide professional network helps her daily as a consultant to clients and candidates alike. Ioana has always been involved in her community as an AIESEC Alumni, a former Secretary for a Rotary Club and as an HR Coordinator for Women In Leadership.