In the words of a young Lenny Kravitz “it ain’t over til it’s over”. Ok so maybe Kravitz wasn’t exactly crooning about your job search but it’s wise words to keep in mind when you’re in the midst of a hot job hunt.

Sometimes we’ll meet candidates who have a verbal offer, or simply have ‘a really good feeling’ about a job interview they just went on. So much so that they choose to put their search on hold and turn down other interviews.

… well “baby, it ain’t over til it’s over”.

Don’t close the door on other job opportunities too early. Offers can fall apart at the last minute and sometimes that ‘good feeling’ doesn’t translate into a position. Interviewing with more than one company is good practice and makes you a hot commodity with more options on the table. You should never be too presumptuous during the process and reject one prospect to wait for another because you may end up losing both.

In fact, interviewing in many regards is a great form of networking. Making a great impression on interviewers means developing your network and your professional brand. Danielle Bragge, a Principal at The Headhunters, is a firm believer in making the most of interview opportunities. “Some of my candidates don’t get the original job with the company but they get offered another job, in another department or they get referred by the line manager to an outside company.”

So job hunters, keep the momentum up during this hot hiring period to make sure you come out with the best offer possible.

And don’t forget the wise words from Lenny: