Starting a new job can evoke a mix of emotions from excitement to anxiety, nervousness to anticipation. You have worked so hard to secure the job and now, naturally, you want to make a great impression. So, how do you ensure that your new manager and co-workers perceive you in the best possible light? Here’s our 5 tips to get you on your way:

1. Don’t be late & work full days

Being late ruins any chance you of making a good impression. Before your first day trial your commute and allow additional time to account for any possible delays. If your job hours are stated, such as 9 – 5, don’t take this as an absolute. Clocking in at 9 and out the door at not a minute past 5 will hurt your reputation. If you want to be seen as a go-getter, come a little earlier, stay a little later and see what the office norm is.

2. Dress professionally & appropriately

Even if the company culture is very relaxed and casual, still remain appropriate with clean and ironed clothing. Ensure your outfit has no rips, offensive branding or images and nothing is too revealing.

3. Ask questions & take notes

Being inquisitive shows you are interested and committed to understanding the role. Taking notes also demonstrates that you are organized, and it will come in handy later when you are trying to remember important points or steps to complete tasks. By the end of your first week you will be experiencing information overload, so it’s best you have as much as possible documented.

4. Get to know your colleagues & remember their names

Make a conscious effort to connect with your fellow co-workers, say hello in the elevator or in the kitchen. Start with the people in your area, closest to your desk and most related to your daily job functions. Ask questions about their role and in time about their family and hobbies. Don’t get too personal too quickly, first establish a rapport.

5. Be a team player & take initiative

Volunteer to help your colleagues, offer your assistance with organizing events or add additional value to tasks and projects. If you promoted specific skills during the interview process put them to work and showcase your ability in the early days. For example, if you said you are a numbers wiz, add some enhancements to the company’s reports to help your manager gain additional insights.


On a final note, just be yourself! The company hired you because they saw something great in you. Turn up with a positive attitude and the rest will come!