At TempsAhead and The Headhunters we take a keen interest in industry news and trends. We love to stay on the pulse and share knowledge with our clients. As part of our market intelligence strategy we read and subscribe to a number of HR/Business resources.

Our favourites that we recommend you check out:

1. Career Builder Employer Resource Center:

Featuring an impressive library of everything from blogs to eBooks, white papers, videos and everything in between, Career Builder’s resource centrer is impressive. Plus they have great search functionality, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

2. Talent Management and HR (TLNT):

With daily updates, TLNT is a fantastic source of up to date news for HR professionals and talent acquisition specialists. The ERE Media site is further broken down into sub-sites, each with a specific focus on recruiting, HR, Sourcing and Agency Recruiting.

3. HRM Online Canada

We love this site for the diversity of the content and inclusion of Canadian news. From special reports to videos, user forums to interviews with leading HR professionals, the website helps you connect with like-minded business pro’s and grow your knowledge base.

4. Work Awesome

True to its name, Work Awesome is all about providing people with advice to help them work smarter and become more awesome at whatever it is they are passionate about. Also, if you love writing you can also contribute and give back by sharing your own advice.

5. Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter is not only informative, it is also fun. In addition to offering sound employer advice they often have creative and quirky articles to help guide you through HR challenges and are known to weave pop culture references into real HR scenarios, here’s a prime example: How to be a terrible manager: 7 Tips from Mr. Burns


Do you have another site to add to our list? Please leave a comment below.