Woman in office with holiday decorations and wearing reindeer antlers

The holiday season is a great time to attract the quality talent your organization needs. Although it can be tempting to start winding down and pick things up in the new year, if you can keep up your hiring momentum in December, you have a chance to squeeze ahead of your competitors and snag the best candidates on the market!

1. Top performers are more open to headhunting calls

As the end of the year rolls around, it’s human nature to reflect. We think about our wins and losses of the past year, then we look ahead and set goals for the following year. This is a prime headhunting mindset. Top performers are more willing to hear about that “exciting opportunity” that could propel their career forward faster and further.

2. Candidates have more time to interview (and so do you)

The end of November and all of December is usually slower for most companies. There’s less work, less pressure and more free time. That means both you, and your shortlist of top candidates, have more time to interview and get to know each other. Take advantage of that ‘festive spirit’ and woo top performers with more warm interactions like a leisurely lunch or relaxing eggnog latte.

3. There’s less competition for talent

“The early bird gets the worm” is very relevant to holiday hiring. According to ERE Media, there may be 35% fewer job postings in December, trying to attract the same volume of job seekers. While your competitors are taking their foot off the gas, you’ll be cherry-picking top talent from the market. Less employer competition means less risk of losing out during the hiring process. So swoop on in, early bird!

4. Hiring now gives you a January rockstar

January is busy as we all play catch-up after the holidays. Managers and department heads have big dreams for the new year and often want to kick January off with new employees on their teams. But it’s called a hiring process for a reason: It takes time to source, interview, negotiate with and onboard the right candidate. Secure your rockstar now, so they can hit the ground running in the new year! If you wait until January to start looking, you won’t see any return until well into Q1. Also, most candidates love to sign an offer in December; what a great gift to have the holidays free to enjoy with their families rather than stressing about their career!

Being a proactive hiring manager pays off. Don’t take your foot off the gas in December; snatch up that top talent and start the new year with that all-star team you dream of. If you’re looking to hire during the holidays, get in touch and let our expert Recruitment Consultants assist!