Making its debut on the web this week is the first we’ve seen of a Chocolate Bar Resume. Redditor elilanger shared this photo of his friend’s ‘Resume Bar’. He got the job.


In a feisty job market, job seekers are getting increasingly creative (or wacky) in their quest to stand out from the pack. This has a come a few weeks after the mock Amazon resume by a French job seeker who was pretending to literally sell himself on Amazon.


Then there’s everything else from sewn fabric  resumes and resume cakes to the digital world of video resumes and slideshare resumes.


What’s a job seeker to do? Is this really what it takes to stand out!?


Our opinion: no.


It definitely will make you stand out, but in a good or bad way is very dependent on the role and company you’re applying to, the method, and the execution.


For example, companies with cultures known for their creativity and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking are going to be much more receptive to this than conservative firms. Hootsuite loved their resume cake and video blog applications; but their culture embraces unconventional.


Also, if you’re applying to be the new Social Media Manager, it makes sense to use social and digital channels to reach out; more so than say a Property Accountant.


But don’t fret. If the idea of baking a resume cake or putting yourself on show in a video resume sounds incredibly daunting – it’s not necessary. An impressive candidate will be able to stand out on skills and experience alone on a traditional resume.

Investing your time in customizing great a cover letter and resume, and working on your interview skills will be more beneficial than baking.


However, if you do go the inventive resume route, remember to always have a traditional version at hand. A chocolate resume bar may grab attention, but you’ll need more than a tasty snack to land the job.