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Summer is a notoriously tough job hunting season, but don’t despair, we like to think of it as a great opportunity for job seekers to get ahead of the game. And here’s why:

1. Less competition

While it’s true a lot of decision-makers take holidays over the summer, it’s similarly true that job seekers do as well. So while your fellow job seekers are taking a break, continuing to commit just 1-2 hours a day to your job search will make sure you’re top of mind and being seen amongst a smaller pool of applicants.

2. Opportunities to temp

With many staff taking summer breaks, businesses still need to keep the ship afloat and turn to temporary workers to fill positions over the summer. There are always a number of temporary positions available that are a great way to get your foot in the door with some top-tier companies, as well as fill your resume with relevant experience.

3. It’s high season

For some industries. Not all businesses slow down over summer, in fact, it’s the exact opposite for industries like tourism, agriculture and construction. Doing a little bit of research into what industries are hiring during this peak season can go a long way in your job search.

4. Summer is great for networking

Job hunting in the summer doesn’t have to be a lonesome, lock-yourself-indoors activity. Get outdoors and amongst all the summer activities and events.. and network! Look at your summer plans as an opportunity to meet new people and make important connections. It doesn’t have to be an aggressive elevator pitch to everyone you know (you don’t want to be ‘that guy’); take the opportunity to find out about different workplaces and jobs people have, maybe even inquire about setting up an informational interview.

To kickstart your summer job search, take a look at the job opportunities we have available!