Thoughts from Employers and Job Seekers

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I have now dealt with The Headhunters on three occasions. Two involved a non-profit company and one a municipality. In every case they were effective. Specifically, the engagement process was clear-cut and efficient; their advice was useful; their work was accurate and timely; and the results in every case were good. I would recommend using The Headhunters for executive searches, and will if the occasion arises use them again.

Robert Poirier, Client in Manitoba

Tracy Proutt was by far the best recruiter I’ve worked with. When my previous employer went into receivership she was very compassionate and understanding as I had just lost my dream job. She was candid and personable during our discussions. She genuinely cared about my success in finding a new partnership with the right company that would provide me with stability and opportunities for professional development. I really appreciated her empathetic approach while I was in between employers for 3 months trying to find the right fit. I honestly won’t work with any other recruiter going forward unless obligated to by the company. If this is the caliber of all the recruiters at The Headhunters Recruitment, then I have no doubt this agency is at the top of their league.

Fayth Thomas, Candidate in Winnipeg

I was in a hiring process with Tania McMahon, Senior Recruitment Consultant & Head of Coaching at The Headhunters, the process was smooth, clear and great communication and follow up from Tania even after I started in the position. She was highly supportive over the process and great mediator. I got the job and I’m very happy with my new position as Marketing Manager.

Paola Pavez, Marketing Candidate in Ontario

I had the blessing to be reached out to by Patti Babyn. Since the beginning, Patti has been highly supportive, kind and very communicative. She kept me posted often and kept me engaged with the opportunity. I felt very comfortable with her. She is a fantastic recruiter with incredible warmth as a human being. Patti is highly recommended.

Carmen, Candidate in Winnipeg

I truly enjoyed working with Patti Babyn; she was very dedicated and ensured our company was given the best candidate! The recruitment process turnaround was very fast and we are happy to have Carmen on our team!

Natasha Mitton, Director of Human Resources

Overall I had a very positive experience with The Headhunters. Tracy Proutt worked as an excellent liaison and coach throughout the recruitment process, her communication was constant and thorough, and her evaluation of fit between the company and I was spot on! Her evaluation and notes of my skills and working style were expert level; I came away knowing myself and what I wanted from a position better because of it. Very happy with my new position, can’t give enough gold stars to Tracy; The Headhunters made the whole process very easy and provided me with enough information to make the right decision.

Charles, Engineering Candidate in Manitoba

The Headhunters is a great company. In my opinion, the best recruiters in the business. Their system for interviewing candidates and getting to know candidates is top notch. How much [the Recruitment Consultant] knew about me just from analyzing my answers to the Workstyle & Performance Profile questions was shocking to me because her analysis was just so accurate. The support I got through the recruitment process was incredible. I just finished my first week at my new job and I’m loving it. The Headhunters linked me to a company where I feel right at home.

Ade, I.T. Candidate in Regina

I am very excited to start my new job on Wednesday. Thanks to The Headhunters, especially to Kate Goddard, my recruitment consultant. She helped me a lot. She also gave me some great advice. I appreciate all her support and help during my first job search in Vancouver.

Kellen Zhao, Candidate in Vancouver

The Headhunters are the most expert recruiters I’ve ever met. From initial consultation through interviews, Dave Banns was professional and communicative throughout.

Happy Candidate in Vancouver

I had the best experience with The Headhunters for my career developing journey. The whole team who have helped me with interviews and onboarding was beyond efficient, professional, and helpful. I am really grateful for The Headhunters, especially Tania McMahon, my Recruitment Consultant.

Spencer, Candidate in BC