Human resources manager presenting to team

For growing companies there often comes a point when HR matters start to erode management’s focus and consume too many of their precious hours in the day. Furthermore, with limited knowledge and resources available, it can often take longer for HR issues to be resolved by individuals that are not experts in the field. So, how do you identify exactly when is the right time to hire an HR rep so you can stay on task while keeping your most important asset, your people, looked after?

The below infographic from TribeHR offers some advice to help you determine when you should bring on HR resources.

Some highlights:

  • The average ratio of HR reps to employees is 1 to 50.
  • The opening a second location, a rise in employee relations issues and disorganized compensation plans, could all be catalysts for needing additional HR resources.
  • If you have an aggressive growth plan, hire an HR manager that has experience in a significantly larger company than your current one.