Sometimes the competition for a job can be so intense that candidates go the extra mile to get noticed during the application and interview process. In our industry we often come across great stories about the unusual ways people have applied for jobs, here’s some of our favourites:

(Just remember, if you get inspired and want to attempt something like this yourself, make sure you do your research on the company first. Some cultures do not lend themselves to the more colourful ways of applying, while others love it!)


  • A candidate with some exemplary skills in the kitchen baked a cake representing the company they were applying to with the tagline ‘Not all of my skills can fit on a resume’. This got the whole office talking and the applicant noticed.
  • A job hunter decided to bring the RedBalloon brand to life by turning up to an interview wearing a race car driving suit, helmet and all! The company sells vouchers for experiences (including driving), so it was a great way to stand out and demonstrate that they knew the product.
  • An ambitious woman from Buffalo, NY  took her  job search to the street, literally! After quitting her job she was keen for a new opportunity, so she went to stand at a busy intersection with a sign reading “Not Homeless but Hungry for Success!! Take a Resume”. It worked and she ended up landing a job at Stampede Global, an audiovisual and IT company. Read the full story here >>
  • An intelligent and innovative job seeker hoping to score a role at Pinterest pinned her CV to her Pinterest account. It did the trick and she caught the eye of the founder Francisco Guerrero:


Image Source: Gradute Land

Do you know of an interesting story of how someone applied for a job? We’d love to hear it! Please share in the comments section below.