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Our Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Cam Macmillan, shares insight on the current economic climate and job market:

Our business is somewhat unique in that we see trends developing ahead of the curve. Meeting with job seekers, senior leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs keeps the information flowing, and flowing fast. Western Canada is in a really interesting place right now.

The B.C. market is getting tighter for companies looking for top talent. Recent announcements around the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants up in the North could ramp hiring up at a number of levels.

Alberta is showing some subtle signs of growing. Personally I have been hearing from clients looking to get senior level operations and general managers on board. There is a combination of succession planning and expectations around a recovering economy. Hopes are high that Kinder Morgan will kick in. What is also showing up is a vigorous push for diversification. Keep an eye on the AI space in Edmonton where some world class talent is gaining international attention.

Medical marijuana is a huge topic and hiring is gaining huge ground fast nationally! I haven’t seen such a rapid change in so many areas in such a short period of time. Couple that with the political climate at the provincial, federal and global levels; and we have a very dynamic environment.

We are counselling our clients to own their space, focus on what you can control and try to filter out the clutter. There is tremendous opportunity right now. This can be a time where companies can do extremely well. But keeping a laser focus, filtering out the clutter, keeping up to speed on developments that matter are key.

I welcome your thoughts on the market and your perspectives on this fast-paced, somewhat chaotic world! I will be sharing some thoughts on taking advantage of these shifts and where some of our success stories have accomplished some real wins. Stay tuned!

About Cam Macmillan

Cam is passionate about developing world class teams. That is what he has done as Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of The Headhunters, and that is what he helps others to do. His clients—a range of Fortune 500 through to owner managed companies—know him as a strong leader, someone with an extensive network of top talent who delivers on his promises.