On-boarding employees can be a difficult task if you are not properly prepared. This employee on-boarding checklist will keep you organized during the process and ensure that your new hires get integrated into the workplace quickly. Be sure to review the checklist in full and then return to it during the on-boarding process to help you bring new team members to your company smoothly.

Before Your New Employee Starts

Send Them Essential Paperwork

  • Official offer letter
  • Contract or work agreement, if necessary
  • Employee manual/handbook outlining company policies
  • Government/tax forms
  • Payment details/forms
  • Health and Benefits information, if applicable

Schedule The New Hire’s Orientation Period

  • Set an official start date
  • Determine what orientation hours will be
  • Block out time for basic office orientation
  • Introduce to colleagues
  • Tour around the office
  • Show location of desk/workstation, including any login and password details

Inform Your Current Employees

  • Send out an email to all relevant team members
  • Correspond with new hire’s manager directly
  • Answer questions that current employees may have

When Your New Employee Starts

  • Welcome them to the company in person
  • Introduce them to coworkers, direct and indirect
  • Provide tour of office, including important areas like:
    • Desk
    • Washroom
    • Fire exits
    • Parking
    • Kitchen/Cafeteria
  • Equip them with the right tools
    • Background on the company
    • Multimedia training
    • Access to necessary company databases
    • Provide a senior mentor to help during onboarding
  • Ask the new hire for any questions they may have

After Your New Employee Starts

Within Their First week

  • Schedule regular check-ins with new hire
  • Discuss new hire progress with managers
  • Introduce to employees in other departments
  • Double-check paperwork and contract
  • Activate necessary online accounts

Within Their First month

  • Schedule meeting with managers to discuss progress
  • Review and clarify performance objectives, expectations and recognition
  • Continue to address any questions or workplace obstacles
  • Make sure all benefits packages are chosen and signed up for

Within Their First Three months

  • Schedule comprehensive evaluation
  • Review performance objectives and job description
  • Adjust employee goals as needed

Be sure to edit this employee onboarding checklist based on any particular onboarding requirements that your organization has. It is also important to review the checklist with all of the necessary supervisors that will be involved in the hiring process. This employee onboarding checklist will allow you to reduce the stress faced by both the new hire and the management team during the time when new hires are getting used to how they will help their new company and managers are adjusting to the style of a new employee.


Free Onboarding Guide

To help facilitate new hire success, we have created a comprehensive employer’s guide to onboarding – “Onboarding – Preparing for a New Employee”. It includes an onboarding checklist, templates for welcome letters, performance reviews and employee questionnaires. Download your copy here »

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