Team around a laptop helping onboarding a new employee

The hiring process doesn’t end once an offer letter is signed—creating and executing a robust onboarding program is key to setting you and your new employee up for success!

Onboarding employees can be a difficult task if you are not properly prepared. Am employee onboarding checklist will keep you organized during the process and ensure that your new hires get integrated into the workplace quickly.

Customize the checklist to your organization’s needs prior to starting onboarding, and then return to it throughout the onboarding process to help you bring new team members to your company smoothly.

Before Your New Employee Starts

  • Send any necessary paperwork
  • After the offer is accepted, call to officially welcome them
  • Provide information about their first day (i.e. where to go, where to park, who to meet, etc.)
  • Plan for ability accommodations if applicable (i.e. parking or building access for mobility aids, ergonomic equipment, etc.).
    Learn more about the Duty to Accommodate through the Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Ensure they have a point of contact for any questions prior to their first day
  • Assign an onboarding peer mentor
  • Create an onboarding schedule and allocate tasks to team members; provide a copy to relevant staff and/or send calendar invites
  • Technology setup (submit request to IT to setup computer, phone, email, software/applications)
  • Review your new hire’s Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP) results and plan how you will coach/manage them

When Your New Employee Starts

  • Send an email to entire company or team to introduce and welcome the new hire
  • Personally introduce new hire to key team members (in person or virtually)
  • Employment agreement/contract (if not already signed at the offer stage)
  • Payroll & benefits forms
  • Employee handbook
  • Provide key / access card / fob (for on-site staff)
  • Review dress code (onsite and/or video meetings), including safety gear if applicable
  • Tour (for on-site staff): washrooms, where to store coat/personal items, kitchen/lunchroom, vending
    machines, printer/photocopier, emergency exits, security, parking, building hours, etc.
  • Technology login and orientation (computer, phone, email, software/applications)
  • Discuss how the team communicates virtually (Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, etc.)
  • Discuss policies and procedures for scheduling time off and unexpected absences
  • Review work schedule, pay schedule and overtime policy (if applicable)
  • Introduce support departments and discuss how/when to contact them (HR, IT, etc.)
  • Arrange a welcome lunch

After Your New Employee Starts

Within Their First Week

  • Review job responsibilities, competencies, and expectations
  • Explain performance feedback and appraisal process
  • Review standards of conduct and policies – i.e. privacy & confidentiality; IT policies; diversity, equity &
    inclusion; smoking, drugs & alcohol; workplace bullying & harassment, etc.
  • Review organization’s mission, strategy, values, org chart
  • Review health, safety, emergency regulations and procedures
  • Schedule weekly or monthly meetings to touch base with supervisor
  • Review/discuss Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP) results with new employee
  • Schedule time for any questions, concerns or feedback from the new employee at the end of week 1

Within Their First Month

  • Review and clarify performance objectives, expectations & recognition after month 1
  • Review training progress, adjust schedule or revisit topics as needed

Month 3

  • Conduct 3-month probation performance review (see Performance Review)
  • Review training progress, adjust schedule or revisit topics as needed

Months 5–6

  • Review performance objectives and progress
  • Review Workstyle & Performance Profile results and coaching/managing implications
  • Review training progress, adjust schedule or revisit topics as needed

Month 12

  • Conduct annual performance review
  • Set objectives for the coming year
  • Review Workstyle & Performance Profile results and coaching/managing implications

Free Onboarding Guide

To help facilitate new hire success, we have created a comprehensive Onboarding Guide, which includes onboarding tips and advice, a more detailed version of the checklist, and useful templates.

Download your copy here »