Confident woman in business suit

The Headhunters hosted a webinar for our candidates with guest speaker Lisa Martin on 5 Ways To Build Presence: How to Unleash Leadership Confidence, Influence and Performance

If you’re a leader in any organization, of any industry or size, you need to show up every day confident and decisive—able to build strong relationships, communicate effectively and be graceful under pressure. You need to be able to command the room, leave a lasting impression and inspire a sense of trust in others. In short? You need leadership presence.

In this webinar, Lisa covered:

  • Why presence is the ‘X-Factor’ of the business world (and who’s got it and who doesn’t)
  • How people who exude presence are able to easily influence others and get what they want (including promotions and more pay)
  • A mini assessment to determine if you (and your team) possess a high level of presence OR obnoxiousness (no one wants to believe they’re obnoxious, that’s why they are blind to it)
  • The 5 elements of building presence and why you need to master each one
  • How body language says more about you than you think
  • The most important thing leaders must do support their people to improve their presence

Lisa Martin, PCC helps people discover how to be high-impact, thriving leaders. In addition to having authored 5 leadership books, she writes a leadership blog, coaches leaders 1:1, offers online leadership courses, keynotes on leadership, and licenses her Lead + Live Better™ leadership development programs to organizations. You can find her at

Watch the webinar recording: