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Research indicates that only 15% of executives have confidence in their top leadership to handle unpredictable events such as pandemics, climate change or economic downturns.

So, what type of leadership is necessary to evoke confidence in a company? We looked inward to our own leadership team to understand how our organization has built strong confidence in the people at the top.

Living Your Values

From day one, The Headhunters has prided ourselves on our core values: Health, Giving, Family and Business. The foundation of our organization is based on these meaningful values, and there are elements within each one that every employee can connect to. This has been the framework for the community that has developed within our company and values that the leadership team truly believes in.

When you bring people together who have common goals and share common values, you build internal strength that translates into external success.

A crucial element of this success is not only stating those values, but actively applying them. Establish values and let your employees know that you encourage them to exercise those values and recognize when they do. Demonstrate your genuine passion for your values by upholding them yourself as a leader and share those experiences with your teams and community.

Our managers have continued to act as role models by demonstrating their own practice of our values, whether it’s through establishing philanthropic organizations, providing one-on-one coaching for staff throughout their careers or being a pillar of support in times when employees need to attend to their families.

Understanding Your People

Our Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP) is a valuable tool that we use to assess candidate ‘fit’ and predict performance for our clients. We also use it internally—each employee we hire as part of The Headhunters team completes the WPP. The WPP gives us a unique understanding of the people who make up our organization and how they react to different scenarios.

Thanks to this insight, in times of uncertainty, our leadership team is fully aware of how best to tackle adversity while being mindful of how it will affect each staff member individually. With the WPP, we embrace valuable qualities and perspectives in our staff and help them be part of the solution. Additionally, the WPP shows us how someone manages stress and responds to change, guiding decision makers on how best to support their team’s unique needs.

We are happy to allow our clients to use our WPP to achieve the same success with your team. In partnership with this tool, make sure to maintain solid communication channels with your employees, listen and ensure that you are engaging with them.

Investing in Technology

One way we ensure our team stays connected and engaged is by staying up to date with technology and remaining flexible in the ever-evolving landscape of business. Our highly successful team is in large part due to the remote and flexible work options we already provide to staff. In the wake of a pandemic, we were able to transition seamlessly into a fully remote/work from home model for every employee, down to our incredible front desk reception team – a concept that many corporations are still struggling with.

Learn to value the power and efficiency of advanced technology and invest in systems that are steps ahead of what not only works now but will work in the future.

Take the time to establish your own company values, understand your employees and invest in technologies that can help you stay engaged and moving in every stage of business. Check out the Employer Resources section of our website for webinars and insightful tools to help you excel – even in times of uncertainty.