Close up of arm and torso of person with safety vest and hard hat

The Headhunters hosted a webinar with guest speaker Greg Ford, CEO of TalentClick Workforce Solutions, on How to Hire Safer Workers Using Specialized Personality Risk Assessments

Studies show that up to 95% of safety-related incidents are caused by human error—not equipment failure, not lack of standard operating procedures, and not improper training. Progressive leaders are now looking at human risk factors in the safety equation, and one factor is personality risk.

What is personality risk? Well, everyone knows we have an IQ. Some people know we have an EQ, which measures emotional intelligence. But we also have a built-in intelligence around risk. And thanks to new breakthroughs in data-driven hiring and training solutions, employers can identify high-risk workers faster and more effectively, thus saving money and lives by reducing incidents by an average of 20%.

Other benefits witnessed by employers who have adopted safety risk assessments for their hiring and development include:

  • 39% decrease in lost-time
  • 59% reduction in workplace incidents
  • 94% decrease in property damage

In this webinar we heard from workplace learning expert Greg Ford, CEO of TalentClick Workforce Solutions, a global firm specializing in employee psychometric testing and training. In over 40 countries worldwide, leading companies such as SC Johnson, Valero, Arcelor Mittal, Kiewit, Canfor, and Seaspan use TalentClick’s risk-based personality assessments to hire and train better employees and create happier, safer and more productive workplaces.

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